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The Position

The ruler of an IA Domain is called a Doyen. In IA Domains that have at least five resident Followers of Set and at least five resident Giovanni, there are two Doyens that jointly rule over the Domain; one for each Clan. A vampire becomes the Doyen for their Clan by claiming the right to rule over their Clan in the Sect’s Domain. If successful, they have the freedom to do as they wish within their own Clan and limited authority to direct the Clansmen of their fellow Doyen. The title Doyen is gender neutral. Like a Sabbat Archbishop, a Doyen must be cunning and subtle if they hope to retain their position.

The Assignment


Together the two Doyens keep the peace and create local laws known as Resolutions; they also do whatever is required to keep the city orderly and safe from incursion by outside forces. Each Doyen wears many hats, including diplomat, commander-in-chief, lawmaker, patron of the arts, and judge. While their authority derives from The Treaty of Alliance, their success as a the Doyen depends as much, if not more, on their ability to manage the affairs of their Clan though skillful application of influence, persuasion, personal charisma and force of will.

Within their Domain, a Doyen rules absolutely over their Clan until they lose power and another takes their place via political maneuver or a bloody coup d’état. If a Doyen shows themselves incapable of managing their Clan, they may be forced to abdicate by their Clansmen or through an act of the Shepherds of the Dead or Janus Guard. If a Doyen suffers the Final Death or is forced from office without a clear successor the position will remain vacant for up to one month as a successor for the Clan is chosen.

During that time the remaining Doyen will rule over both Clans and the city as a whole. If, at the end of one cycle of a moon, a new Doyen does not rise up to replace the Clan’s fallen Doyen, the Shepherds of the Dead will make the appointment. In Domains that have only one Clan with more than five members, there is only one Doyen with power over all the Domain’s residents; that Doyen is from the Clan with the most members.

The Authority


The joint authority of a city’s Doyens includes:

  • Refusing a member of the Alliance admission into the Domain that the Emissaries oversee;
  • Administering punishments or rewards to members of the Alliance;
  • Speaking and negotiating for the Alliance within the Domain that they reside;
  • Holding jurisdiction over all Alliance members within their Domain.

In addition, each Doyen to a Domain has the following individual duties and responsibilities:

  • Accepting all members of their Clan arriving in the Domain;
  • Exiling the undesirable members of their Clan from the Domain;
  • Declaring or revoking sacred spaces for their Clan in the Domain;
  • Withdrawing support from the Virago;
  • Holding the right of destruction over members of their Clan within her *domain.

A Doyen’s individual authority over her fellow Doyen’s Clansmen includes:

  • Securing offending members of the fellow Doyen’s Clan by any force necessary save final death;
  • Both Doyens must agree in order to do the following:
  • Allocate feeding territory;
  • Issuing hunts on criminals and enemies of the Sect where final death is proper;
  • Punishing miscreants for violating the Treaty;
  • Appointing and overseeing emissaries to nearby non-Alliance Domains;
  • Approving new citizens that are not members of Clan Giovanni or Clan Setite;
  • Exiling the undesirable Vampires that are not members of Clan Giovanni or Clan Setite;
  • Appointing a Virago;
  • Creating laws and courtesies (Resolutions) for the Domain.

If the Doyens cannot agree on the matters requiring consensus for action, the Virago shall act as the tie breaking vote. In Domains in which only one Clan has more than 5 members, causing the Domain to be ruled over by only one Doyen, that one Doyen has all the authority and powers listed above. In a Domain with two Doyens, individually each gain the abiding status traits of Commander, Prominent, and Celebrated; when acting together they gain the abiding status trait of Authority. In a Domain with only one Doyen, the Doyen gains the abiding status traits of Authority, Commander, and Celebrated.

Name Clan City Region
Djeserit Followers of Set Houston, TX South Central
Naqiyah Followers of Set New Orleans, LA South Central
Arabella Rosselini Giovanni New Orleans, LA South Central
Tim Taylor Follower of Set Baton Rouge, LA South Central
Aureliano Stefano Giovanni Giovanni Baton Rouge, LA South Central
Coaxoch Followers of Set - Tlacique San Antonio, TX South Central
Stefano Giovanni Giovanni San Antonio, TX South Central
Adamo Giovanni Giovanni Boston, MA North East
Ambrose Quincy Goddard Followers of Set Boston, MA North East
Gregario Antonio Giovanni di Calderari Giovanni Las Vegas, NV South West
Jai Van de Berg Followers of Set Los Angeles, CA South West
Saul Rothstein Giovanni Los Angeles, CA South West
Magdalena Giovanni Giovanni Atlanta, GA South East
Siofra Followers of Set Atlanta, GA South East
Julius Kern Followers of Set San Diego, CA South West
Sebastian Teotl Pisanob Giovanni San Diego, CA South West
Marcus Giovanni Giovanni Battle Creek, MI Great Lakes
Ricardo Valintino Giovanni Giovanni Colorado Springs, CO North Central
Artemisia "Massari" Giovanni Giovanni Tri-Cities, WA North West
Alessandro Giovanni di Calderari Giovanni Kansas City, MO North Central
Benjamin Graham Follower of Set Kansas City, MO North Central
Gabriel Alexander Giovanni di Calderari Giovanni St. Louis, MO Great Lakes
Valerius Lysandros Followers of Set Baltimore, MD East Central
Armando Giovanni Vancouver Canada
Ceto Followers of Set Vancouver Canada
Stefano Giovanni di Calderari Giovanni Lincoln, NE North Central
Sebastiano Giovanni Giovanni Montreal Canada
Paolo Giovanni di Calderari Giovanni Napa County South West
Athanosios Constantinus Giovanni Giovanni Owensboro, KY East Central
Layla Masika Followers of Set Owensboro, KY East Central