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The Position

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Also called Heralds or Ambassadors, among the IA the title of Emissary carries great weight for they are the Sect’s representatives to domains that are controlled by other vampiric groups. In non-IA controlled Domains, the Emissary is the highest ranking member of the Alliance. As ambassadors, they understand the rules and courtesies of the Sect that controls the Domain in which they reside. In these hostile cities, it is the Emissary’s responsibility to socially monitor, reward, or punish other members of the Alliance.

The Assignment


In order to ensure there is no abuse of power, where possible each city that receives an IA envoy is assigned two Emissaries; one Setite and one Giovanni. The Emissaries speak for their clans at formal court, and perhaps more importantly, ensure the objectives of the IA are achieved. In both Camarilla and Anarch Domains, being an Emissary is a dangerous political position as it can lead to grudges and bad blood between fellow Sect members and non-Alliance Clans. All IA members entering a Domain controlled by another Sect are required by the IA to meet with their Clan’s resident Emissary, or the sole Emissary if both Clans are not formally represented. In cities with two Emissaries, in many things their authority is joint and requires both Emissaries to agree in order to act against a member of the IA.

The Authority


The joint authority of a city’s Emissaries includes:

  • Refusing a member of the Alliance admission into the Domain that the Emissaries oversee;
  • Administering punishments or rewards to members of the Alliance;
  • Speaking and negotiating for the Alliance within the Domain that they reside;
  • Holding jurisdiction over all Alliance members within their Domain.

In addition, each Emissary to a Domain has the following individual duties and responsibilities:

  • Collecting information and providing an educational resource;
  • Gathering and utilizing boons on behalf of the Alliance;
  • Maintaining a general knowledge of boons owed by Followers of Set and Giovanni and assisting in getting them out of debt where possible.

In domains with only one Emissary, they have all of the authorities and power stated above. Emissaries do not reside within IA controlled Domains, the Doyen is considered to be a Clan’s Emissary for the purposes of the Treaty. Emissaries are afforded great respect during visits to IA Domains. Emissaries report directly to the Janus Guard for their area. An Emissary gains the abiding status traits of Venerated, and Established.

Who's Who

Clan Character Praxis City Region
Giovanni Dante Niccolo Cesare Giovanni Austin, Tx SC
Giovanni Aria Giovanni Macon, Ga SE
Giovanni Duncan il Bardi Dunsirn Savannah, GA SE
Giovanni Guilia della Passaglia Orange County, CA SW
Giovanni Alessandro Giovanni The Bahamas ..
Giovanni Calum Dunsirn Little Rock, AR SC
Giovanni Enzo Giovanni II Tampa, FL SE
Giovanni Angelo Giovanni Detriot, MI GL
Giovanni Octavius Giovanni Hamilton, Ont, CA Canada
Giovanni Salvo Giovanni di Calderari Des Moines, IA GL
Giovanni Mariana Sofia Veronica Toetl-Giovanni Phoenix, AZ SW
Followers of Set Ana Grace New York City, NY NE
Followers of Set Evie Garter Baltimore, MD EC
Followers of Set Riona Morgan San Jose, CA SW
Followers of Set Vaughn Chanel Valentine Omaha, NE NC
Followers of Set Vincent Dane Phoenix, AZ SW
Giovanni Sebastiano Giovanni Montreal, QC, CA Canada
Followers of Set ORyan Pax Macon, GA SE