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Boons and scandals have always been a part of Kindred society and the Serpents and the Necromancers have always capitalized on their trade. In the Camarilla and Anarch Movement it is the Harpies that ensured that the social mores are respected and boons are properly recorded. In Alliance cities, the Virago is the equivalent of a Harpy. The Virago is the arbiter of social propriety, an enforcer of Alliance dogma and a calculating favor broker who ensures that the boon economy is secure. As a young Sect, the IA has a vested interest in maintaining social power. The Virago’s work keeps conflicts confined to the social arena, and that in turn keeps the Alliance together. The Virago may sponsor other vampires to assist her as Lesser Viragos to help bring news, gossip, and information her way. A Virago with two or more assistants is referred to by the title “Master (or Mistress) Virago.” A Virago must have backing from both Doyen to maintain her position. The Doyens need a strong Virago to ensure their power. As long as the Virago maintains the Doyens’ support, she continues to serve in her office. In Domains in which only one Clan has more than five members, thereby resulting in the Domain being ruled over by only one Doyen, that one Doyen appoints the Virago; the Sect encourages the Virago be chosen from the other IA Clan, if possible.


  • Accepting all members of the Sect arriving in the Domain
  • Brokering and negotiating boons on behalf of members of the Domain and the Sect
  • Maintaining the official record of boons for the Domain
  • Judging and mediating conflicts over boons for the Domain and the Sect
  • Advising and informing the Doyen(s) about recent events
  • Administering praise or scandal to the vampires of the Domain
  • Appointing up to two Lesser Viragos (permanent deputies) into their service
  • Monitoring and enforcing status expenditures within the jurisdiction of the IA Domain
  • In cities with two Doyens, acting as the tiebreaker for matters that require agreement of both Doyens should they be unable to reach a consensus


A Virago (or Master/Mistress Virago) gains the abiding status traits Prominent, Venerated, and Cerberus during their tenure in the office. A Lesser Virago gains no abiding status of their own, but temporarily gains the abiding status Cerberus at their local gathering, if the Master Virago is not in attendance.

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