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Information Known by the Sabbat

Name: Ashen Crowns

Native Diocese: Essex Diocese



The Ashen Crowns, founded in the Diocese of Essex in 2018, was founded of those individuals who alone survived the destruction of their former packs during the Nights of Turmoil and the Hunter attacks in the years that followed.

Ritae Objects

  • Goblet, comprised of an upturned skull of a human skull, its interior carved with a passage from the Erciyes Fragments (I knew that he meant me to kneel before him / So I did not / I knew that he meant me to fear him / So I did not / I knew that he meant me to be humbled / So I was not) affixed atop a simple iron stem, used in the Vaulderie.
  • Knife, with a flintknapped cherry quartz blade, and a handle of bone inscribed with a line from the Erciyes Fragments (Blood must have blood), used in the Vaulderie.



OOC Information

Storyteller: Matt B.

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