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Information Known by the Sabbat

Name: Custos Morum


Former Members Catus of Gaul - former Pack Priest, has left the area Damon James - subject to a Wild Hunt ritus, followed by a War Party ritus, after betraying the sect during a Palla Grande High Holiday ritus. Bradley Borden - placed in torpor after betraying sect during the War Party ritus called on Damon James. Disposition undetermined.


This pack was founded by Isabella Maria Torres, Catus of Gaul (then Pack Priest), and Samantha White when the diocese of Flagstaff/Prescott was formed. Balancing pack members on Paths with those on Humanity, the pack works well together, but makes a habit of ensuring all pack members have their own space within any shared haven, to permit individual pursuit of any...tasks which others' Paths might make objectionable.

The pack is currently in a state of flux after Damon James's betrayal of the Sword of Caine, and Bradley Borden's support and protection of Damon James being uncovered as a betrayal of the diocese. Whether the pack will dissolve completely or be rebuilt from this unexpected rift will have to be determined moving forward.


  • Catus of Gaul didn't leave this pack of his own volition, but fought with Ductus Isabella Maria Torres and lost, with the battle culminating in diablerie.
  • Clearly any such rumors are bullshit...EVERYBODY knows Catus was a master of Animalism, thus dooming any who diablerized him to death within days after such an act. Obviously he's resting in torpor, fed up with the bullshit politics of the Sword of Caine for the moment.

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