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“A flower blossoms for its own joy.”

― Oscar Wilde
Pack Details

Pack Name: Datura



A newly founded pack in San Marcos, most members are recently initiated to the Sword but united in their fervor. Zedd, the eldest of the pack, is a member of the Black Hand and acts as a sort of back-seat teacher. Britney and Abel the Priest and Ductus respectively honor Caine by supporting the newest members of the Sabbat, reaching out to those that would join the Sword and mentoring them.

  • You know Datura has turned up for the fight when the shadows thicken and the red dots of laser sights appear on the sect's enemy.
  • They fought hard in Ocean City, Maryland against the Infernals from the Cult of Wrath and lost a member of the pack in the process.
Now shut your dirty mouth / If I could burn this town / I wouldn’t hesitate / to smile while you suffocate and die

Storyteller: Austin Sabbat VST
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