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Information Known by the Sabbat

Name: Goliardia


Former Members

  • Eli Allen, Ductus (Deceased)
  • Gareth Beaumains - (Deceased) Former pack-mate of Gideon Sinclair, PhD. from The Broken. Joined pack in 2010 and met his final death in 2011 at the hands of the Duchess.


The Pack known as Goliardia was rebranded in the year 2000 from a pack called Goliardia Parmense (Parma's Goliardia) The name Goliardia is nowadays synonymous to traditional university student association in Italy but it is linked to the goliards of medieval times. After the destruction of the Italian pack in 1997 the only original surviving member of the pack, Tiziano Farnese, moved in Massachusetts and inducted into the pack Valerie Evans in 1999, Eli Allen in 2000 and Gideon Sinclair in 2017 via Ritual of Acceptance. In 2018 Valerie Evans was named the 7th Ductus of Goliardia.

The Goliardic pledge

IT: "Goliardia è cultura ed intelligenza. È amore per la libertà e coscienza delle proprie responsabilità davanti al Sabbat di oggi e di domani. È culto dello spirito che genera un particolare modo di intendere la non vita alla luce di un’assoluta libertà di critica: senza alcun pregiudizio di fronte a cainiti e clero. È infine culto delle antichissime tradizioni che portarono nel mondo il nome della nostro branco"

EN: Goliardia is Culture and intelligence. Is love for freedom and knowledge of one own responsibilities in front of the Sabbat of today and of tomorrow. Is cult of the soul that generates a particular way to understand the undeath in front of an absolute critical thinking: with no prejudice in front of cainites or clergy. Lastly is a cult of most ancient traditions that bear into the world the name of our pack


  • Goliardia started in 1100 and before becoming a Sabbat Pack was originally a Lasombra Coterie.
  • Members of Goliardia Participated in the attack on Castel d'Ombro
  • The position of Ductus is a cursed title
  • Only Cainites with a derangement may join Goliardia.

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Storyteller: Jeremy "Geo" G.



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