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Information Known by the Sabbat

Name: Memento Mori


Former Members:


  • Sans Nom


Memento Mori was formed in 2014 after the destruction of Andrei Cornel and Marcela Andrade de Vega's packs. In the wake of the loss the pair found themselves as the only survivors and shortly after met Red who had been let loose from his pack. The three formed a new bond out of the ashes with Andrei and Marcela taking the position of Ductus and Priest respectively. As the trio began moving towards Dallas, Red was sent forward to scout the situation in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and met Nivena who was brought back to join the pack in the promise of escaping from under the thumb of her sire.

After their full relocation to The Diocese of Tarrant County, the pack further recruited Caedes, Richard, and Sylvester shortly before Palla Grande. Sylvester and Richard were under the belief that their former pack had perished elsewhere, but within a few months were reunited with them, resulting in an amiable split from Memento Mori. Shortly thereafter, the pack began to doubt Andrei's leadership, and he stepped down as Ductus so that Red could take over with Marcela's support. Andrei left town after that.

As the diocese grew in population, the pack picked up Tony Marcovich and Cy, but lost Nivena when her sire, the Archbishop, was killed and she disappeared. Tony left the pack on good terms in January 2019 due to a favor owed to Banshee, becoming the ductus of RHP.

Members of this pack were seen at the Synod in Mexico City in June 2018 along with members of the local pack Sans Nom.


  • This pack won't stop until each of it's members holds the title of Bishop, and it's ductus Archbishop.
  • This pack holds members of both the Black Hand and the Inquisition.

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Storyteller: AJ Gelinas

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