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Information Known by the Sabbat

Name: Non Nobius Solemn

Not by ourselves alone

Faction: Inquisition

Society: Sabbat

Location: Nomadic, Martinique (Caribbean), Pioneer Valley (MA, USA)


Affiliated Inquisition:


Forged in the fires of battle, the bonds of these inquisitors are cemented in ashes and blood. Non Nobius Solemn is a brotherhood on its own. It is a pack of Inquisition members who travel together and rely on each other to succeed in their mission. NNS was formed to remove the members from the inevitable politics of the Sabbat, because most of those affiliated with NNS were in packs with Archbishops, Bishops, and Hand members.

After a long while, NNS chose a Ductus and Priest to replace the long acting inquisition leaders, realizing that to stay out of politics, they do in fact need buffers. Thus, Aaron Knight left his bantling internship to take the head of Ductus. Following this, Archbishop Gunther McAllister joined the pack to serve as its priest, to help guide the inquisitors toward faithful and effective service to the Sword.


  • Each Inquisitor in NNS has faced, and slain, a demon, and it is the rite of passage and barrier for entry.
  • They left their former packs because their missions as Inquisitors were not supported by them.
  • For some reason, every area they are known to visit there are reports of people hearing music from "The Carpenters" before the violence breaks out...


  • "These are the brothers I fight for, I bleed for, I would die for, but... most importantly who I live for." - Valerie Evans
  • "From the outside one may wonder just how a pack such as this works, I can attest, from being on the inside, that it works with dangerous efficiency." - William Carver
  • "One Chapter for me has ended in the Black Aces and a new one begins with Non Nobius Solemn. I have found a home with those who understand me more than I even understand myself." - Daniel

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