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Information Known by the Sabbat


While relatively young, the Order of the Blessed Vitae has already seen some changes in its roster since it’s founding in 2008. Originally founded as a means of proving mutual protection during the Nights of Turmoil, the pack has settled in the Springfield Diocese. Largely comprised of Ancilla and Neonate Loyalists, they have begun to make a name for themselves as a pack that gets things done. They are devoted to the worship of Caine and preserving the Sabbat’s traditions of freedom and revealing in the dark glory that is Caine’s legacy.


Ductus: Goddarah

Priest: Cillian


Date Life Event
1969 Goddarah (Jeremy "Geo" Giannetti) is contacted by the sire of Cillian Ó Maolain (Brian Barnes) to watch over Cillian Ó Maolain.
1969 to 1999 Goddarah and Cillian establish themselves in Springfield, MA. Goddarah, being familiar with the region, decides to settle in the Springfield area. There he watches over Cillian has the young vampire learns how to better hunt and survive in the night.
July 2-8, 1999 The Week of Nightmares
1999-2009 The Nights of Turmoil
2000 Goddarah takes his ward Cillian and they travel from night to night. They avoid the hunters by staying in the remote regions of New England, which Goddarah explored on his own and with Aloysisu Grant (Steven Kelly).
2008 Goddarah and Cillian meet Spade (Alex Vanderpoel) and Violetta (Raina B.). They form the Pack known as The Order of the Blessed Vitae.
2011 The Order of the Blessed Vitae settles in Springfield, MA, investing in a communal Haven.
2016 Goddarah Embraces his second Childre and names her Faenza (Chloe Vanderpoel).
2017 Siobhan, aka “Gun Bunny” (Chloe Vanderpoel) joins The Order of the Blessed Vitae.
2017: (September) Violetta leaves the pack and returns home. Octiavia (Raina B.) joins the pack. Joseph challenges for and wins the position of Bishop of Security.
2017: (October) 2 months after joining the Pack, Siobhan greats the sun. Just afterwards, Goddarah introduces his Childre, Faenza, (Chloe Vanderpoel) to the Order of the Blessed Vitae. The Order of the Blessed Vitae participate in Palle Grande. At the behest of the Springfield Archbishop, they successfully hunt down and kill a Werewolf. Most of the pack performs the Trick or Treat Ritae.
2017: (November) Jayleena (Sabrina Hyland) joins the Order of the Blessed Vitae.
2018: (January) Octavia meets Final Death at the hands of mortal hunters. The rest of the pack, with assistance from new members of the Diocese, track down and kill the mortal hunters, avenging their fallen packmate.
2018: (February) Spade and Faenza leave the pack to form a sister pack.


  • They slaughtered two full tenement buildings in Springfield
  • The pack hunts werewolves for sport.
  • There are those within the local Diocese who desire the Order of the Blessed Vitae destroyed.
  • Who is this Jayleena? Where did she come from and How did she get into this Pack?

Sister Packs

~ Faenza, Spade

~ Goliardia

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