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Who The Fuck Are We

MiniLogoSectSabbat.png McMahon - Ductus
MiniLogoSectSabbat.png AN Leontev - Priest
MiniLogoSectSabbat.png Jacob Tyler - Abbott
MiniLogoSectSabbat.png Grant Pafdom

Where The Fuck We're Coming From

MiniLogoBloodlinePanders.png "We are the first generations to be born unafflicted by the sins of our fathers. Born again more pure, closer to Caine, closer to G*d. We are the future. We have no 'clan'. We are the Sword of Caine, we are Sabbat. First, last, and always." -McMahon

MiniLogoBloodlinePanders.png "Who do you think you are? You look down at us and parade in your finery, proclaiming your dedication to those that are less. We have no lesser masters. We are free in every way you are not. And we shall rise. We shall rise, Caine's truest sons and daughters. We are the sword and the shield, the strong right hand of the Father and we will not be stopped." -Jacob Tyler

People Talking Shit

MiniLogoSectSabbat.png Add rumors here
MiniLogoSectSabbat.png Add rumors here
MiniLogoSectSabbat.png Add rumors here

OOC Information

VSS: Buffalo Sabbat VSS
VST: Colin Manley
VST Email: Email Colin
Location: Buffalo, NY

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