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The Uncharted West

The Domain of Spokane, Washington

“The things they don't want to see, you see it done here.”

- Unknown.

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We stand behind no flag, and none shall be planted in our soil. -Thaddeus Clay, last known words.

Spokane is an oddity among kindred, as it is a city not aligned to any sect. There are, however, kindred that walk the shadows, and do work within the limits of the city at night. There are many unknown within the city, but a few gather to work together, and bring together the few that look to protect it.

There are rumors that long ago it was a Camarilla city, or was planned to be, but if they are true, then they are not being pursued.

"Tonight is a long night, and we plan to do our will upon it." - Unknown


OOC Information

Storyteller: [ Mark Landkammer]

Venue Style Sheet: A precipice of civilization VSS

Domain: Domain of Spokane, WA. (WA-090-D)

Location: Spokane, Washington

Schedule: 2nd and 4th Saturday of the Month


  • Hunters seek to make this city a main hub, as they know it has no organization.
  • The Sabbat do not know this city exists.
  • Many look to Spokane as a chance to prove they can sway any city to their sect.
  • Spokane is infested with Baali, and the resident vampires don't know their herd are also kindred.
  • They fey have a strong tie, noting the four butterfly monuments in the park.
  • The 13th floor of the Ridpath has treasure on it.

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