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Masquerade Dark Places on the Map
This is a MES National Storyteller's Office Wiki. Do not edit it without permission.

DPotM Information
Dark Places on the Map (DPotM) are considered to be all locations that do not have an active Mind’s Eye Society (MES) or affiliated member club presence and lack a jurisdictional Storyteller chain within a given Chronicle. There are no DPotM in the continental United States, as areas without Domain representation are overseen by the Regional Storyteller’s Office for that Region. If you would like to have a background approved for your PC in a DPotM, please read the DPotM Submission Policy and follow the instructions therein.

The Worldbuilder Wiki
The MES Worldbuilding Wikis are a resource frequently utilized to display known character information in our sanctioned Masquerade Venues, to include historical timelines, current status, and any other pertinent information. Players will have the option of having their characters listed within these timelines corresponding to their approved DPotM backgrounds. We hope that this resource will provide opportunities to make character connections, and to provide for a more fleshed out world within our games. If you find your information to be incorrect, or choose to opt in at a later date, please contact the aaNST DPotM Wiki.

DPotM Locations

Here is a list of the compiled Dark Places on the Map Wikis. They will continually be added as more backgrounds are approved:



The Caribbean

Central America


South America

Canon Locations

Backgrounds in the following Canon locations are available to certain PC types. The background approval process for these locations are separate from standard DPOTM approvals. You can submit your background request with this form.

The following location information is known only to those PCs who would have access to them:

Canon Events

Not all of these events have taken place in a DPOTM location, but for ease of tracking we have included them here. Backgrounds in most of the following Canon Events are available to certain PCs who spend the appropriate VIP Points. The background approval process for these events are separate from standard DPOTM approvals. Please check the individual pages for more information and approval requirements.
The following event information is known only to those PCs who would have access to them:


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