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"Something realistic" – Miscellaneous Speaker

Greater Area Description:

It is the best educated, highest income, and most influencial region in the United States, and some say the world. Decisions are made daily in the Baltimore-Washington, DC region which make or break nations. So it makes sense that the Kindred in the area too are highly civilized yet extremely fierce when it comes to the games of politics.

Venue Details

City Type: Washington, DC - Camarilla

Prince: Luminary Elder Quintus Lucius Varro Senchenal: Jack Holloway Harpy: Sheriff: Scourge: Keeper of Elysium: Ventrue Primogen: Tremere Primogen: Toreador Primogen: Brujah Primogen: Nosferatu Primogen: Assamite Primogen:

Sect Boundaries:

City Type: Baltimore, MD - Independent Alliance
Sect Boundaries:

Other Vampire Political Affiliations: Anarch, Unaligned

Theme, Mood, Setting

Setting: BNS MES Vampire: The Masquerade

VSS Details

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