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This is the page for the Mind's Eye Society Domain of Bloomington, Illinois (IL-009-D Eden Theatrical Society).

Domain Information

  • Domain Code: IL-009-D
  • Domain Title: Eden Theatrical Society
  • Location: Bloomington, IL

DC Staff


The recurring monthly schedule for games in Bloomington, IL-009-D is laid out in the table:

Bloomington IL-009-D Game Schedule
Saturday Game
2ND SAT BNS Werewolf:
the Apocalypse
4TH SAT BNS Vampire:
the Masquerade (C/A/I)

Game Locations

Almost all Bloomington games are hosted at Collectible Cards 1520 E College Ave #0, Normal, IL 61761


Parking Lot Parking

Event Costs

Site Fees

Donations welcome.

Social Events

On occasion, our domain may sponsor food for locals and guests between our games (e.g., pizza for everyone). When we do this, we want members to be welcome to join us, even if they have no cash to donate. However, those who CAN donate and are willing to so as to help reduce the impact of such events on our domain fund should see the Domain Coordinator on site.


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