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The Twilight Basin Columbus-GA praxis-seal.gif Columbus, Georgia Domain

Masquerade Game Sabbat Game Werewolf the Apocalypse Game

Domain Information

Region: Southeast (SE)
Domain Code: GA-013-D
Domain Title: Twilight Basin
Location: Columbus, GA

Domain Staff

Domain Coordinator: Christian H.
DC Email:

Domain Storyteller: Nicholas Dockery.
DST Email:

Important Websites

Domain Web Site: | Twilight Basin

Facebook Group: Minds Eye Society Columbus, Ga


Domain Charities

Social Events

Sanctioned Venues

Werewolf the Apocalypse

Vampire the Masquerade


  • VSS Listing: Rise UP!
  • VST Sabbat:
  • VST Email:

Game Schedule

  • 4th Saturday of the Month

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