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The Asylum (IA-001-D) host a variety of the World of Darkness games hosted by the Mind's Eye Society. Every weekend, the staffs welcome the players to interact, embrace and contribute to the stories developed in the middle of Iowa. The Asylum domain hosts Vampire the Requiem and Changeling the Lost. Iowa hosts three other domains. In the north from the Asylum is the Red Queen's Race set in the Ames, Iowa area and Shadows of Ankeny in the northern edge of the Des Moines metro area. The last is to the east in the Quad Cities, known as Arsenal Nights.

Area Description: Many of the domain venues take place in Des Moines, Iowa or cities and areas in Polk County. The domain boundaries stretch north to NE 70th Avenue, just south of Ankeny, Iowa. East, just inside the Poweshiek County Line, near Brooklyn, Iowa. West, just inside the Adair County Line; and South to the Iowa/Missouri boundary line between the East and West borders. (See Map for full details.) Noted counties part of the domain: Adair, Albia, Clarke, Madison, Mahaska, Marion, Polk, Poweshiek, Union and Warren Counties. Noted cities part of the domain: Des Moines and surrounding suburbs such as West Des Moines, Altoona, and Johnston with Creston, Greenville, Grinnell, Indianola, Montezuma, Oskaloosa, Pella, and Winterset.

Domain Staff

Coordinator Staff

Domain Coordinator: In transit

Assistant Domain Coordinator - Reporting: Natasha C., US2008011606

Assistant Domain Coordinator - Web and Wiki: Kyle Solberg, US2013010058

Storyteller Staff

Domain Storyteller: Nathan T., US2008021803

Venue Storyteller - Apocalypse: Jeremy C. and Natasha C., US2008011606

Venue Storyteller - Masquerade: David F.

News & Updates:

Venue Information

Werewolf the Apocalypse

VSS: Doomsday Dreams

Vampire the Masquerade

VSS: Cold Alliances

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