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Domain Information

  • Domain Code: VA-027-D
  • Domain Title: Blood on the Rappahanock
  • Location: Frederickburg, VA, its surrounding metro area

Domain Staff


Games, Venues, Locations!

Vampire the Masquerade: Independent Alliance

Doyen (Follower of Set): Beatrice

Doyen (Giovanni): Thana Malvolia

Virago: Crawford Rhodes

Guardian of the Sacred Places:

Hatchet: Karma

Resolutions of Fredericksburg

Undeclared visitors to Fredericksburg and surrounding Independent Alliance territories are only given safe passage to and from Sacred Places

  • Undeclared visitors have no feeding rights within the domain.
  • A Doyen can recognize an undeclared visitor and allow them to feed in certain areas of the territory as needed.

All Independence Alliance members are expected to share knowledge of unannounced kindred with the hatchet and their respective Doyen, failure to do so will lead to punishments. The punishment shall be agreed upon by both Doyens.

No vampire regardless of sect shall kneel, or in any way lessen themselves to another in a public gathering including to members of other sects.

Only members of the Independent Alliance may use powers of the blood in a sacred space.

Neonates can approach those of higher station (including members of their own sect) without fear of reprisal.

Disturbing of any graveyard without express permission from the Giovanni Doyen will result in an entombment of no less than one month.

Claimed Territories of Fredericksburg

The Old City- Elder Ammon, a founder of the alliance

The Old College- Keeper of Scared Space ( position vacant)

The Thornton Plantation- Doyen Beatrice

The Old County- Open Land to Visitors and new residents

Old Marsh- Doyen Thana

Wine Country- Karma

Potomac- Crawford

OOC: Other territories within the domain are still eligible to be claimed, as long as both Doyen's agree.

Important Websites

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