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Prairies of Darkness (KS-024-D)

The Prairies of Darkness Domain includes the cities of Manhattan, Topeka, and Junction City and the surrounding Areas.

Our Space: Infinite Edge and Vampire: the Masquerade games are normally held on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month. Space begins around 3:00pm. Vampire starts around 7:00pm. Werewolf the Apocalypse is at 7:00pm on Friday, the night before.

Our games are played at Seaton Hall on the KSU campus. OOC and pregame is in room 1013. The main IC room is room 1062 while 1063 is used for side scenes.

As our site is provided free of charge by the university there is no site fee. However site changes may be necessary for large games or during campus events. If you wish to visit please contact the DC to ensure the game is where it normally is.

MES members intending to attend regularly may also request access to the Domain email list and facebook page.

Domain Storyteller: Kenny Cole

Domain Coordinator: Eric Panter


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