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Domain Coordinator Staff

Domain Coordinator Jana W

Domain Storyteller Staff

Game Schedule

Vampire the Masquerade: 3rd Saturday of the month on Discord.
Please contact the VST Cam/Anarch for more info.

Chronicles of Darkness the God Machine: Last Saturday of the month on Discord.
Please contact the VST CoD-X for more info.

Social Media

Seattle Domain Prestige Reports


Current National Charity: March 2020 Onward
For our national charity this year, the MES will be taking a different stance than we normally have. Instead of having a single charity at this time, the US NC is echoing the links provided by the Board of Directors to aid and assist social justice.

Likewise, we are currently facing a pandemic that is greatly affecting our families, loved ones, and friends. The US NC will be granting national prestige for acts to help assist with the pandemic. This includes anything such as making or donating masks, volunteering, offering assistance, or anything else that would assist with the pandemic; there are too many to list out specifically, so we will be accepting all cases that show assistance; these efforts and assistance are sorely needed.

  • For any donation or crafted item: 5N
  • For an hour of volunteered time: 10N
  • For every $5 donated: 1N

Because this has been affecting us for so long now, the US NC is also authorizing a backdate from March 1, 2020 to the present day, for all efforts that anyone has already done to help with the pandemic. They will also be removing all caps on monthly prestige for efforts to assist with the pandemic, and doubling the total national prestige that can be received annually for Charity. If there is any charity we have not included, the Board of Directors has listed out a "How to Help" guide, which will be linked at the bottom of this message. We will try to keep this list updated as much as possible.

To report this, email the US NC at, the ANC Prestige at, and the ANC Charity at Please detail what you have done so we can award your efforts. Please, be safe, be kind. And give support and aid where and when you can.

How to help doc:

Phillip Trad, US2009094795
US National Coordinator


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