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World Theater Games

We are the United Kingdom branch of the Camarilla Fan Club ™, fans of the World of Darkness as published by White Wolf. We also run a number of LARP games using the Mind’s Eye Theatre system, in continuity with other Member Clubs based in the United States (Mind’s Eye Society - MES) or Canada (Canada at Midnight - C@M).

We welcome new members – including those who would like to start up a Domain of their own. At present, we only have Domains in the UK, but we welcome members from all over the world, though you should be aware that the primary language of our games remains English and, if your prospective players do not speak English fluently, you will need to provide your own translations. We have an on-line Domain, Trade Winds for people who live where there are insufficient members to sustain a live game.

If you live in the United States or Canada you will need to join your National Member Club in order to take part in our chronicle. If you live anywhere else in the world, you are welcome to join Worldwide Theater Games. Please see our OOC Contacts information below for further details.

We are a Not For Profit Organisation.

Mind’s Eye Theater is © copyright 2013 and trademarked by White Wolf hf. All rights reserved.

OOC Contacts

If you are already a member it is very important that you contact your Local Officers in the first instance. Even if you need (for some reason) to come to the National Staff directly, please copy in your direct Co-ordinator or Storyteller.

If you are considering joining and you don’t know where your local Domain is – do feel free to come straight to the Trade Winds DC. If you are considering starting up a new game you will also need to contact the NST directly.

Your first point of contact for the games we play, the chronicles we enact and the stories we tell.

National Storyteller: Dawn Lloyd

Your first point of contact for membership inquiries or anything you want to know about Worldwide Theater Games, the Club.

National Co-ordinator: None at this time
Covering Co-ordinator: Trade Winds DC

Our Board of Directors can be contacted at BOD

OOC Domains

Trade Winds


Benefits of Membership:

  • The ability to register a character in any of the shared global chronicles operated by participating member clubs within the Camarilla
  • The ability to attend members-only events across the globe, including sanctioned games, conventions and social events.
  • Membership in your local chapter or domain, or support from Worldwide Theater Games to build a new chapter in your area if one does not already exist.
  • Access to hundreds of e-mail lists, IRC channels, websites, and other Internet tools.
  • Access to the Camarilla Fan Club sponsored training programs to improve skills such as character development, acting, organizing charity events, management and so forth. (Currently in development)

How to join:
To join WTG, please contact your local Coordinator (if you know who this is), or the Coordinator Trade Winds DC

Who can Join:
Age: Worldwide Theater Games deals with mature subjects as we explore the human condition through our characters and role play. All members are required to be at least 18 years of age. Only individuals 18 years of age and older may be present in official game spaces. Event coordinators may decide to provide a separate space at the same location for minors at their own risk.

Country of Residence:
If you live in the UK, you are automatically eligible to join Worldwide Theatre Games. If you live in a country with an authorized Camarilla Fanclub which is a member of our Charter, you must join the member club in your country. If you live in a country without a member club, then you can join Worldwide Theater Games, or consult with another member club to join their ranks.

History in Other Organizations:
We do not accept members who have been expelled from another authorized fan club of the Camarilla who has signed the Charter. Worldwide Theater Games reserves the right to prevent or remove membership from an individual based on membership issues with other World of Darkness fan communities.

Legal name usage:
Members must use their first name and at least the first initial of their last name for official club correspondence. This name is linked to their unique membership number. Exceptions to this rule may be solicited by contacting the board of directors currently via Trade Winds DC

Membership cost:
Membership is currently free. We will be charging fees in the future, at which point Trial Memberships will be available.

How to get started:
If you are not already in touch with other Worldwide Theater Games members in your home area, please contact the Trade Winds DC. If you have no WTG presence near your home, you can join Trade Winds, our Online Domain or, if you find sufficient people wanting to play locally, we can help you set up an independent Chapter and, perhaps, grow it into a Domain and, eventually into a separate Member Club of the Camarilla Charter.


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