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The Diocese Sanguine Barghest Storyteller Notes

Sanguine Sinners

“Did we force ourselves on you, or you on us?”
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust: First Part

Action (Combat and challenge): 3

Character Development: 3

Darkness: 3

Death: 3

Drama: 4

Intrigue: 5

Manners: 3

Mystery: 5

City Description:

Andersonville, Georgia is a small historical town with a very small population of only 255 Kine. The locals HAVE to be careful in how they feed.
Cainites that do not have a point of herd on their sheet must spend 2 downtime actions to feed.
To increase levels of the Herd Background requires the xp expenditure AND 1 downtime action of leaving the area to abduct a human into their herd.

City Timeline:

1806-1809 – Fort Benjamin Hawkins built on the fall line of the Ocmulgee river.

1812 – Sabbat come to Fort Hawkins to settle the frontier and look for some hidden treasure.

1820 – Continual fighting between Sabbat and local werewolf tribes ends with Sabbat retreat from area.

1822 – Bibb County organized

1823 – Macon founded as county seat, named after Nathaniel Macon. Camarilla begins to colonize town

1838 – Anarch Movement settles in Houston County to the south

1861-1865 – American Civil War

1864 – Sherman’s March to the Sea misses Macon.

1870-1900 – Camarilla and Anarch Movement vie for control of the Ocmulgee River trade route

1901 – Sabbat return to Central Georgia

1902-2000 – Three-way Cold War between three Sects

2000 – Ocmulgee Compact signed by local leaders of the Camarilla and the Anarch Movement to join forces against the Sabbat

2000-2010 – Open fighting between Camarilla/Anarch and the Sabbat

2010 – Fighting stumbles into Werewolf territory, causing Werewolves to join fight against all sides.

2011- Hunters come to Macon, attracted by Masquerade Breaches

2012-2015 – Kindred and Werewolves are hunted and driven out en masse.
The surviving Sabbat flee out of the Macon City area to nearby Andersonville where they quietly regroup and establish a small Diocese.
They have resided there ever since still keeping an eye on the Macon area but leaving it alone as the Hunter presence is still very heavy.

2016 – Certain that they have flushed out supernatural presences, groups of Hunters slowly leave for other battlefields.

2017- With the Hunters showing signs of having left the Camarilla, Anarchs, and IA start to send kindred back into the Macon area.
The Sabbat noticing this quietly start to spread the word for others to come settle with them so that they do not lose the territory they have been able to maintain this entire time.


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