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Universally Known Information

Character Information
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Company Name: Nebzim Technological Industries - NTI

Franchise Union: Merchant Union


Subsidiary Members
NTI Subsidiary - Blood Moon


Nebzim Technological Industries was founded in 4053 by David Nebzim after being directed to the Expanse. NTI produces research, development and manufacturing of advanced technologies. From spaceships, to weapons, to armor, to cybernetics, to robotics, and all of the tools in between Nebzim Industries supplies it all and maintains the capability to modify, maintain, and install all potential requirements.

History: The headquarters moved to C-4RL0T-3 (Tomb of the Dying Sun) when the system opened up to colonization in 4060. SInce then they have worked on expanding and ensuring that there are representatives of the company in every system possible.

The development of C-4RL0T-3 is a stark contrast against the traditional setting of the company, where the Nebzim, and Empyrean, traditions are adhered to in upper management, with a slightly looser take on the lower levels.

NTI prides itself on it’s care for its employees and it’s strong stance on Corporate Social Responsibility. NTI ensures that every employee has a Life Insurance Policy, ensuring that they will return should the unfortunate occur. NTI also works on providing local Medical care as well as has already founded and is maintaining one of the largest orphanages within C-4RL0T-3, NTI does it’s most to ensure that it can provide back to the community of any system that it has a branch within.

NTI accepts and offers membership to any who fit within specific division requirements, Technological Research, BioTech Advancements, Medical, Manufacturing, etc.


  • Representatives were seen meeting with Bill Brune at a recent gathering in the wake of thefts at the Archaeological site.
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