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Universally Known Information

Company Name: Utopia Explorations
Franchise Union: Explorer's

  • Yesterday's Shadow (Speed 5, Crew + Passengers: 12, Shuttle Bay: 4, Size 80, Luxury)
  • The White Mantle (Cargo 1 Shuttle)
  • The Malcontent (Cargo 0 Shuttle)
  • Unnamed Cargo Shuttle



  • Formed in the Utopia System (SY 4115)
  • Began travel around Sector 7 (SY 4115)


  • They have helped re-organize several pirate groups to do their bidding.


  • "The Captain's asleep in his chair, we're all at the bar... Who's even flying the ship?!" - Bones

OOC Information

Organizing Player: Daniel Troncoso

Organizing Player's Email:

Storyteller: Kyle B.

Storyteller Email:

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