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System Information

System Name: The Crucible system

System Location: Expanse

Sector Number: Sector 6 AL-020-DE


G2V primary Furnace

M0V red dwarf companion Crucible (6000 AU separation -- about 36 light days)


Magnet (“Hot Jupiter” Jovian gas giant)

Flux (Neptunian gas giant)

(G2V) The furnace

Cytherea (Venusian hot house world, 0.6 AU orbital radius)

Aphrodite (Earth-like terrestrial world, 1.1 AU orbital radius) The stygian gate is located here

Hyperion (Jovian gas giant, 7.0 AU)

Hecate (Neptunian gas giant)

Twilight (a terraformed planet with dangerous flora and fauna)

Moons (notable):

Eros (moon of Aphrodite, (this moon houses The Vault Super-Max prison))

Asteroid Belts:

Iron Belt (orbits inside Cytherea’s orbit)

Silver Belt (orbits between Aphrodite and Hyperion, retains much water) Full Moon Asteroid Food Production*

Half Moon Asteroid Food Production*

*Carbonaceous chondrite asteroids with rarely manned food plants

Gold Belt (orbits between Hyperion and Hecate, largely untouched)

Other Elements:Vulcan Station (spaceport)

Primary Setting

Primary Setting Location: Aphrodite and Vulcan Station


=== History ===

In SY3100 OM Consolidated took advantage of the three easily mined asteroid belts in the Crucible system and built a tethered beanstalk on Aphrodite, an easily terraformed world that orbited second from its primary with one major moon, Eros.The orbital end of the beanstalk became Vulcan Station, with its mostly automated Forge manufactory; settlers dubbed the asteroid the Hammer. For food, volatiles, medicines, and plastics, Vulcan Station relied (and still relies) on two automated manufactories on the carbonaceous chondrite asteroids Half Moon and Full Moon. OMCon also encouraged settlers to homestead ranches across the forests and jungles of Aphrodite’s main continent, Psyche, the only major landmass of Aphrodite (90% of Aphrodite’s surface is ocean). Most humans settled on or near Aphrodite in the Crucible system, though a subsequent colony of religious zealots established a colony on Twilight, a moon of Crucible’s innermost planet Magnet, a “hot Jupiter” almost large enough to be a brown dwarf.

In SY 3967, 150 years before the present, all humans on Aphrodite and Vulcan Station orbital vanished; someone or something also cut communications and issued “cease and mothball” orders to the automated Forge. After two or three search and rescue parties likewise vanished, OMCon and other corporations withdrew from the Crucible system; the zealots of Twilight likewise abandoned their faraway home on Twilight.

In SyY4050 The Mega corp subsidiary Known as M.F.P. or Main Force Patrol takes over security and policing in the system to free up Military personnel.

In SY 4051 the super-max prison dubbed the Vault is built. It is an automated rehabilitation facility run by an A.I. Purchased from Paracon

In SY 4058 rumors run rampant about the A.I. Preforming experiments on The Vaults Inmates (No Substantiated proof of this)

When the Silent War ended and the Empyreal Protectorate coerced SpectreTech into releasing the Stygian Gate codes for the Verge in SY 4060, a consortium of smaller companies decided to take a look at the Expanse instead of the Verge. Taking advantage of the abandoned infrastructure in the Crucible system, they resettled Aphrodite. For sixty years the re-settlement has gone smoothly… though with no hint of what happened a hundred and fifty years before.

In SY4061 The MFP restructures it self using union members for patrol officers but keeping ranking detectives and above as corp members.

In SY4070 an out break of a dangerous narcotic drug called Soma becomes epidemic among the huddled masses

In SY4080 The MFP busts the Soma ring. It is discovered that the ring was lead by a MFP officer, who was using his knowledge of the MFP's procedures to allude them. This officer is sentenced to 20 years in the Vault, his name is Maxwell Geck.

In SY4090 Geck escapes the vault, seemingly more dangerous than ever. ( The A.I. In control of the Vault still believes the silent war is still ongoing and instead of rehabilitation it reconditioning prisoners as soldiers. This is not known to the general public) it is Also revealed that Geck is a werewolf. Pentech begins to oversee use of the Vault in response to the escape.

In SY4115 Pirates begin to raid shipping lanes in the system their base of operations is unknown. It is rumored they are helping debtors escape to the verge.

=== Rumors ===

* Never get sent to the Vault you won't come back the same

* Maxwell Geck was set up

* Werewolves and wolf blooded live on Reservations

=== OOC Information ===

Domain Storyteller: James Strader

Domain Storyteller Email:

Storyteller: Nat Calvert

Storyteller Email:

Venue Style Sheet: [Tales from Vulcan Station]


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