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System Information

Flag of Idun System, Sector V (Art by Taran Lopez US2010066225)

System Name: Idun System

System Location: Expanse

Sector Number: Sector V

Yellow Stars: Idun

Planets: Balder

Moons: Loki, Axel

Demiplanets: Hela

Asteroid Belts: The Serpent

Other Elements: Stygian Gate, The Sisters/The Docks

System Population: approx 300 million

Supernatural Population: Unknown

Primary Setting

Primary Setting Location: Idun City, capitol city on Planet Balder

City Population: 80 million

Neighborhoods: Old Town, Riverside, Financial District, College Town, Market Town, Steeltown


Minor and rotating settlements

Loki: Mining colony, citizens routinely cycled back to Balder

Axel: Observation station and listening post, citizens and EDF routinely cycled back to Balder

Hela: Mining colony, citizens routinely cycled back to Balder

The Serpent: Mining station on largest asteroid, no habitation quarters.

The Sisters/The Docks: Original 3 colonial ships, now form a space station used for transportation of goods and citizens back and forth from Idun.


Reconstruction Period

In 2215, Howard Balder, the last child of House Balder, staked a private claim to a system on the outer edge of the Expanse. According to local historians, Balder wanted to build a colony where he, his allies, and their descendants could live in peace and equality in the aftermath of the Thurisaz War. It is said he was heavily influenced by his grandfather Axel, who witnessed the destruction of the rest of their House in glorious battle, and the defamation of allies that turned out to be supernatural and yet no less honorable in the defense of the Core.

The Colonization Period

Balder’s ships arrived in Idun System in 2218, and according to personal diaries named her for stories of a mythical paradise passed down in his family for generations. The first colonist built the infrastructure for what would become the capitol city, quickly and cleverly with what little resources they had left after financing their interstellar journey. These founders also drew up extensive future plans for expansions of farming and mining on the rest of the planet, and organizing the main continent into Provinces, having studied the successes and failures of other colonies. In 2219 they created a democratic system of government allowing all citizens a say in law and policy, which endures to the present day.

The First Golden Age

Thanks to the wisdom and foresight of these founders, future generations followed the original plans to control the typical urban/suburban sprawl in a manner that would benefit their descendants, as well as new immigrants. Farming and resource extraction were able to keep pace with the growing capitol now called Idun City. Technology advanced as quickly as elsewhere in the Expanse, but with the controlled urban sprawl plan many parts of the continent were left less developed for agriculture by land and sea, and almost completely undeveloped for tourism and relaxation. Idun System celebrated their first eighteen centuries, but sadly tragedy emigrated barely a decade later.

Idun City, capital of Idun System, Sector V (Art by Taran Lopez US2010066225)

The Red Plague

Luckily, the founders also included contingency plans in case of future disasters, including widespread diseases. The earliest signs of mutated Red Plague in 4028 were successfully quarantined. Large swaths of the population were evacuated from The City, and the bulk of the population was spared.

The Silent War

Sector 5 didn’t suffer the same fate as Sector 1 in the war, but being on the outer edge of the Expanse still put Idun System in harm’s way. However, many local individuals and organizations stepped up to help, some of whom had run afoul of other governments and sought sanctuary and pardon for past deeds. Together they formed a kind of merchant based defense force for the system. Local government and law-enforcement registered these new allies in an official capacity to work in tandem with EF forces and defend Idun.

The Second Reconstruction

While many Idun citizens fell defending their home, as contractors or EF troops, the system has managed to rebuild itself in the following decades while maintaining its independent government. They openly welcome both human and supernatural immigrants looking to start their lives over in a safe and accepting community, in line with the founders’ vision for their original colony.


House Balder Crest (Art by Taran Lopez US2010066225)
  • Supernaturals still hold positions in the government, despite pushback from the Core and other sources.
  • Idun has never been ruled by a Megacorp or Elite house.
  • Idun City is a most unsettling place with a thriving criminal society.
  • All of the Changelings in Idun are happy and well adjusted.

OOC Information

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Space Lead: Cris Fisher

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