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System Information

System Name: Strugni

System Location: Expanse

Sector Number: Sector V


  • Strugni-261: The primary star of the system
  • The Pulsar: Occurred as part of The Event, dramatically changed much of the system


  • U-3002PCH06 (The Homestead): A moon of Pantan, this moon is equally lush but inhabited by a group of ‘Purists’ who avoid certain kinds of technology

Other Elements:

Primary Setting

Primary Setting Location: Strugni Station, built around the looming Stygian Gate, is a testament to the resilience and ever-changing face of the Strugni system. It was built by Megacorps and now ruled by Aristocracy, built on the backs of the EDF and the huddled masses, and now serves as both a relic and a port authority. House Nesheim plays political chess with the OMCon and Quantum representatives while portions of the station go without electricity (or, sometimes, atmosphere). The Station-wide Artificial Intelligence Node Transactors (SAINTs) keep a watchful eye on the station - where their sensors remain functional, which is frequently only in Green- and Indigo-Zones. The layers of technology mix with the class stratification to form the personality of the Station itself; one of constant change and a seemingly infinite number of coats of paint.



  • SY 3000: Gate opens, and OmCon sends an exploratory fleet through the gate to determine the habitability and profitability of the system.
  • SY 3020: Initial reports indicate a number of worlds that either can support life or can be easily terraformed to support life, as well as planets rich in resources. These include U-2413ROC127 (The Rock) and U-2422FCI38 (Snowball)
  • SY 3050: Exploratory fleet recalled in preparation for colonization efforts.
  • SY 3075 - 3300: Phase 1 colonization efforts, including rapid-Quants and initial colonization ships for already-habitable worlds.
  • SY 3217: The Night Lords establish a government on The Rock
  • SY 3300 - 3500: Phase 2 colonization efforts, including resource ferrying and the establishment of trade lanes, rules, and regulations.
  • SY 3505: Outpost Vitas declared the primary outpost of Pantan
  • SY 3500 - 4000: Colonizations efforts cease, the system starts being ‘profitable’ for the Megacorps
  • SY 4040: The Silent come to the Strugni system.
  • SY 4055: The Event, and the Silent leave the Strugni system.
  • SY 4055: Numerous satellite stations on Pantan are lost.
  • SY 4056: The Homestead Treaty signed
  • SY 4057: The Unnamed declared restricted to InfraRed Clearance.
  • SY 4105: The first rebellion on Strugni Station occurs
  • SY 4017: The first rebellion is put down, at great cost
  • SY 4115: House Nesheim officially takes custody of the Strugni system.
  • ST 4116: House Nesheim begins sending troops and personnel into the Strugni system, establishing a foothold in Strugni Station.
  • SY 4117: Game Start



OOC Information

Storyteller: Jed H.

Storyteller Email:

Venue Style Sheet: Boston Space VSS, A Sickly House


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