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System Information

System Name: Caldera

System Location: Verge

Sector Number: 5

Stars: (placeholder)


  • Hestia - sole inhabited planet, home of the aquatic modified-human Tar'atheth and the Juno and Vesta settlements.
  • Shulamit - gas giant from which many gaseous resources are mined
  • (placeholder)
    • (placeholder) - moon of (placeholder) where Ephemerite is sourced.

Asteroid Belts

  • one between (placeholder)

Other Elements

  • Augustus Station - orbiting Hestia
  • Waypoint A - a research station run by an independent AI
  • Waypoint B - a casino station, primarily for visitors from outside the system - control is currently unknown
  • Waypoint C - a small EDF station guarding the system's Stygian Gate.
  • Waypoint D [defunct] - a small station in the asteroid belt used as a base for mining operations, it was Reaped by the Thurisaz, and destroyed to close the Gate to the deep, deep Hedge they left behind.
  • The 'Ghost Ship' - a large ship used by the

Primary Setting

Primary Setting Location: Augustus Station and Hestia settlements




Space Almanac


  • The Beast of Hestia is a primal monstrosity that stalks the jungles of Hestia.

OOC Information

Storyteller: Sean M. Storyteller Email:

Venue Style Sheet: NY-004-D, "Anomalous Readings"

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