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System Information

System Name: Heliotrope

System Location: Verge, CA-051-V

Sector Number: Sector 8

Stars: The Heliotrope system is centered by a class K dwarf star.

Planets: Heliotrope-I (Abelia), Heliotrope-II (Briallen), Heliotrope-III (Narcissus), Heliotrope-IV (Hyacinth), Heliotrope-V (Iolanthe), Heliotrope-VI (Millaray)

Asteroid Belts: Nicknamed “The Garland” in a nod to the garden theme of the system, this asteroid belt is mined primarily by an Expanse-based Mega-Corp and provides an excellent source of neodymium.

Other Elements:

Oberon: Not large enough to be a space station, but too large to conveniently land, this ship was left by the Founders of the Briallen Settlement to act as a station of sorts; a combination of communications hub and meeting space, the Oberon orbits Briallen, crewed by colonists on a rotating basis.

Stygian Gate: Located just outside the Garland (asteroid belt), travel into the habitable zone of the Heliotrope system starts with dodging asteroids.

Primary Setting

Primary Setting Location: Heliotrope-II, Briallen, Forsyth Settlement (See VSS for more detail)



4068: The Five Founders land their ships on Briallen, leaving one in orbit as a communications platform and lookout. Quiet word is sent into the Expanse that they welcome any and all comers, so long as they can contribute to the settlement in some way.

4069: A family of Core Agronomists whose twin daughters had Awakened came to Heliotrope with contraband seeds. The Founders recognized that they could never become autonomous without knowledgeable farmers and welcomed them with open arms. This becomes emblematic of the Briallen settlement, Forsyth.

4072: Empyreal Navy comes by, takes a look around, and after a tense conversation with the Founders, leave. Every five or ten years, some variation of this event recurs. It is unknown whether the Founders pay them off or use some other method to convince the Navy to leave.

4075: Pirates come through the Gate and nearly destroy the communications ship in orbit. The Founders hire their first mercenaries to patrol the system. This represents the first of the Unions to gain a foothold in the system.

4081: A small group of settlers is exiled and given a choice to be returned to the Expanse or try to make it on their own on Briallen. They choose to remain on Briallen and are given shelter and tools enough to build another, smaller settlement to the east, Elba.

4084: A child from the exile enclave returns to Forsyth, frightened and alone. When Forsythian settlers go to investigate, they find that the exiles have all disappeared without a trace. The child is taken in and adopted by a farming family.

4085: A subsidiary of OM Consolidated (OmCon) attempts to get into Briallen’s settlement as a base of operations for their asteroid mining operation. Their gentle inquiries are politely, but firmly rebuffed. When they become more insistent, the Founders do, too. The Mega-Corp’s representatives eventually leave, but not without sowing some dissent among the settlers, which simmers for years to come.

4092: An uprising against the Founders is attempted by anti-supernatural colonists and two of the Founders are killed. The revolt ultimately fails as the Founders were backed by supernatural colonists, but it throws Forsyth into chaos for several years. Much of Forsyth’s nascent infrastructure is destroyed and it takes the settlement years to rebuild back to what they’d had. The Founders start investing more heavily in the good will of the supernatural community and host regular meetings to discuss the future of the colony.

4098: The third Founder dies, leaving only two left and a lot of questions about how much longer the Founders will lead the settlement (inasmuch as anyone does). OmCon starts making inquiries again; this time, the Founders allow them to set up an office in the port in exchange for assistance in patrolling the system. An uneasy truce develops.

4100: A pirate attack during a celebration leaves over a hundred colonists dead or injured. The mercenaries are called to task, but they correctly point out that they can’t be in all places at all times. The Founders ask the community to step up and help patrol the Gate, as they believe OmCon isn’t acting in their best interests.

4111: A religious cult comes to Briallen and asks for shelter, but it soon becomes clear that the Forsyth settlers and the cultists are not good neighbors. The cultists make their way to the north and create their own settlement, which they call Grace.

4115: A small group of independent scientists are engaged by the last Founders to survey Briallen and the Heliotrope system. Most of what is currently known about the system is directly due to their work.

4116: Like the Exile Enclave, Elba, nearly thirty years prior, the cultists disappear, although their belongings and structures in Grace remain. This time, there is no one left.

4116: In the days after the Grace cultists disappear, a major fire destroys part of Forsyth near the port. Dozens are displaced and the community rallies to find space for them all.

4118: Game Start



OOC Information

Storyteller: Roo Wetzel

Storyteller Email:

Venue Style Sheet: Myst VSS


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