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Sector Six

"More than any other part of the Universe, Sector Six stands apart. Thousands of foreigners have migrated to it…but Sixers they will not become. For this is still a place where you must have either been born or have 'people' there, to feel it is your native ground. Natives will tell you this. They are proud to be Alliance, but they are also proud to be Persecans, Hypogians, Arachisians, and Solanians. They are conscious of another loyalty also; one that transcends the usual ties of universal patriotism and sector pride. It is a loyalty to a place where habits are strong and memories are long. If those memories could speak, they would tell stories of a region powerfully shaped by its history and determined to pass it on to future generations." ~ Tinesha Jacobson, Heritage of Sector Six

Data Feeds

  • Aristocracy - Aristocratic houses found within Sector Six.
  • Culture - Cultural notes and local oddities within Sector Six.
  • Timeline of Events - The official historical timeline, as per the Sector Six government.

SectorCorps and Organizations

Expanse and Verge Systems


  • AgriCo - SectorCorp
  • Harvest Science - Independent subsidiary of OM Consolidated focusing on research and design of robotic and machine learning systems for better use in agriculture.
  • NuBody Yu - SectorCorp
  • PenTech Interstellar - Independent subsidiary of Quantum Industries focusing on administration and management of debt collection agencies and detention facilities.


  • Fate of Humanity - Pro-Supernatural Transhumanist Religion that believes they are the next step in human evolution.
  • Starlit Path - Criminal Organization




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