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System Information

System Name: The Utopia System

System Location: Verge

Sector Number: 7

Stars: The Jeweled Star.

Planets: Utopia I, Utopia II (Sheol), Utopia III (Gehenna), Utopia IV (Paradise Planet, the Elysian Fields), Utopia V (Azure), Utopia VI.

Asteroid Belts: Svadilfari’s Pasture, a dense asteroid belt with numerous large clusters.

Other Elements: Rephaim (Utopia II's moon), Lava and Kusha (Utopia V's twin moons), INCLUDING STYGIAN GATES AND SPACE STATIONS.

Primary Setting

Primary Setting Location: Utopia IV, Anthony's Hope.

PC Residents:

Notable NPCS


The first human arrivals to the Utopia system in the 4060s found Utopia IV in the state that it is--temperate, breathtakingly beautiful, and seemingly ideal for human life; no one is quite sure how it got that way--perhaps it was just a lucky coincidence. This first wave, numbering just a few thousand were primarily explorers--some sought freedom, others treasure, and still others answers to deeper questions. Over the next several decades, a constant trickle of new arrivals kept the population of the colony fairly constant

Around SY 4090 a stranger going by the name “Anthony” arrived at the head of a small contingent of supernaturals and their entourage. While there was a fair amount of initial distrust and even hostility, Anthony’s group showed patience and a willingness to sink a very large amount of resources into the fledgling colony; as the benefits of their investment became apparent tensions began to calm. No one is quite sure what Anthony’s final goal was, but now it seems that question may never be answered.

In SY 4112, Anthony disappeared. Rumors abound as to what happened--some say his ship was lost while exploring, others that he was killed by anti-supernatural radicals, and still others say he’s simply taking a nap. What isn’t rumor, however, is that since his disappearance tensions have started to return to the now larger population of the planet, even as many work to prevent them.

As of SY 4117, the planet finds itself working hard to maintain its status and popularity as a vacation destination for the affluent, amidst slowly rising tension and several unexplained phenomena that have occurred recently. The original explorers and their descendants on the planet continue to explore the system.



OOC Information

Storyteller: Kyle B.

Storyteller Email:

Venue Style Sheet: Austin Infinite Edge VSS - Mysteries of Paradise

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