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System Information

System Name: Xion-Taul

System Location: Verge

Sector Number: Sector V



Pronunciation: Mol-ax-is

The hierarchical superior star that Xion-Taul orbits. Barely visible from within the Xion-Taul orbit but gives off radiation that affects the Flora, Fauna, and other.


Pronunciation: Shy-on-tall

A binary star that is frequently seen as a Blue and a Red star depending on the viewer’s place in orbit. The map of orbit goes: Xion-Taul, Zatpor, Ayero , Deutune, Ianope Belt, Veritaxis, Stygian Gate



Pronunciation: Ay-rho


Geography: Ayero is a large planet, approximately 25,000 miles in radius at the equator. It’s atmosphere consists of primarily Helium and Hydrogen leaving the atmosphere unbreathable to those species that require oxygen to breathe. It orbits Xion-Taul fairly close to the inner edge of the habitable zone and has been examined as a target for Terraforming or dome cities. It is orbited by the moon Strinuk.

Strinuk: Ayero’s moon, considered a possible second location for a XTPC outpost in the future

Pronunciation: Stry-nuck

Planetary Industries: None

Planetary Culture: None

MegaCorp Influence: None

Other Notes: This planet is uninhabited at the moment, but has been examined as a target for later colonization.

Deutune, The Ringed planet

Pronunciation: Dew-Tune


Deutunesurface2.jpg Deutunesurface1.jpg

The primary habitable planet, and one of the secondary locations of play. Has visible rings around its equator which can be used to tell the time depending on the shadows cast by the planet.

Geography: Deutune is terrestrial in nature, having approximately 49%of it’s surface as water (Or water-based Ice) in primarliy oceanic regions. There are 5 major oceans, surrounding continental landmasses. There are a multitude of biomes on Deutune, and the humanoid inhabitants have colonized in many areas including the plains, the Oceans, the Treetops, and on mountain sides.

Planetary Industries: Base and Precious Metalwork, Textiles, Incense, and other Luxury Resources in addtion to an abundance of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

Planetary Culture: Inclusiveness and overall welcoming

MegaCorp Influence: None

Asteroid Belts:

Ianope Belt

Pronunciation: Ion-oh-pay


Geography: The Ianope Belt wraps around Xion-Taul in an elliptical orbit, similar to the orbit that the planets take around the binary star, however the asteroid belt does not complete the orbit. It seems to be the thickest on the ‘near’ end of the ellipsis. At its widest point it is X miles across and Y miles tall according to the planetary plane of orbit, and peters out to nothing towards the other end, filing about 75% of a true belt. There are a few documented paths through the belt leading to the inner planets orbits and back out to Veritaxis and the Stygian gate. Within the Ianope belt resides XTPC Station Calliope, and and a few other small mining stations that harvest the Belt of its natural water and common materials.

XTPC Station Calliope: The main power hold of XTPC, and also the terminal through which the majority of travelers through the Stygian Gate must enter the inner planets.

Industries: Water, Precious Stones, Occasional Anomalous items

Culture: Corporate

MegaCorp Influence: None


Pronunciation: Zat-poor

Internment camp 371.jpg

Geography: Zatpor is a rotation locked asteroid among a smaller field of asteroids that orbits fairly close to Xion-Taul. It has been used as a prison by The Vampires of The Sacred Chapel for any who directly oppose their crusade or have been named Heretics. The asteroid has no atmosphere to speak of and its location close to the Star makes the heat completely unbearable on the surface.


Supernatural Faction Influence: The Sacred Chapel

Other Notes: Prisoners brought by the Sacred Chapel are held ‘until the next sunset’ in stasis as salt on the surface of the asteroid, waiting the end of a sentence that will never come.

Other Elements:

Veritaxis, The Wreck

Pronunciation: Vehr-i-taxes


Geography: The Wreck is a conglomeration of ships and space rubble that was mashed together through its travel through the Stygian Gate before it was deposited into orbit around Xion-Taul. It is approximately 2,000mi in radius and consists of the parts of an estimated two-hundred-thousand ships. An atmosphere has developed around the planet but consists mostly of the exhaust and waste of the microclimates of the ships. There is an external gravity pulling towards the center of the Wreck, but within the tunnels gravity can vary according to the technology and its activity in an area.

Industries: Exploration and Mining

Culture: Some Tribal located in Hab-Towns spread across the face of the Wreck

MegaCorp Influence: None

Other Notes: Veritaxis seems to actually moving in a slow spiral towards Xion-Taul, as it’s orbit is not fixed yet. It needs to either find a proper orbit (or be aided into one) or it will be dragged into the stars. Alternately it could just be harvested for whatever it contains.

Stygian Gate

Primary Setting

Primary Setting Location: Veritaxis, the Wreck Veritaxis is a large amalgamation of the remnants of a space battle. Hundreds of ships smashed together with a developed gravitational pull and minor atmosphere that was ejected from the Stygian gate and has been pulled into orbit around Xion-Taul.


System Timeline: History

(taken from VSS Doc)

Deutune year is approximately 3 Standard years, and a Veritaxian year is approximately 21 standard years, though it’s orbit is not finalized

SY 3520: First recorded use of Zatpor as a prison by the Sacred Chapel

SY 3636: First colonies of Deutune founded (according to records)

SY 3697: Mass exodus from Ianope to Deutune

SY 3699: Ianope becomes the Ianope Belt

SY 3720: Second recorded appearance of the Sacred Chapel’s Prison Ship

SY 3854: The Ianope belt’s changes seem to stabilize and pathways are established through it

SY 3920: Third recorded appearance of the Sacred Chapel’s Prison Ship

SY 4067: Veritaxis appeared in the Xion-Taul system

SY 4068: An independent expeditionary force arrives through the Stygian gate and discovers the wreck. XTPC is formed, placing a proprietary claim on the Wreck.

SY 4069: Mining on Veritaxis beings.

SY 4074: Mining Colonies on Veritaxis begin to grow and expand, the population looks to colonize.

SY 4088: XTPC Scientists note that the orbit of Veritaxis is not stable, additional colonization plans are abandoned, Veritaxian colonies consolidate

SY 4090: A Thurisaz ship is discovered within the Wreck

SY 4093: The first instance of the Decline appears, Veritaxian colonies believe it is a resurgence of the Red Plague, colonies who experience it are placed under quarantine.

SY 4117: Game Start

SY 4118: XTPC reopens mining operations in only four of the veritaxian colonies, looking to the supernatural unions and free agents to aid with support beyond basic mining operation.

SY 4120: Estimated fourth appearance of the Sacred Chapel’s Prison Ship


  • Iskra Nightstone, wife to the famous Dresden Nightstone was seen in Kessek, Deutune performing on the top of a large transport truck and giving away clothes,food and sleeping bags to those on the street there.


OOC Information

Storyteller: Em Peloquin

Storyteller Email:

Venue Style Sheet:

Game Information: We run on Discord on the 2nd thursday of every month from 8PM EST to Midnight for Hard RP, and a secondary session on the sunday directly following the 2nd thursday for Moderated Downtime scenes and any additional Role Play. Check in closes 48 hours in advance of game and is distributed to the Discord channel and mailing list. Email the ST for more information!

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