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Name: Caterina Maria Lucia Salazar y de Leon
Aliases: Caterina Salazar, Catherine Hall
Clan: Samedi
Apparent Age: 25
Current Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Position: None


Caterina Salazar is a woman of many looks, a slender, shapely creature clad from the neck-down in outdated fashions, preferring to keep her true appearance hidden behind powers of the blood. As Samedi, she does so to save others from the disgust that often accompanies viewing the rotted visage of a corpse, the innate affliction of her clan. She often appears as a lovely, if nondescript woman, often adorned with dark makeup and with her hair carefully arranged - a touch on her origin as the daughter of a wealthy Spanish family.

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Cam PC

Player: Allie Pitchford
Clan: Samedi
Sect: Unaligned
Domain: MES Virtual

IC Email: Caterina Salazar

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Character Information

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Caterina is a curious creature, enigmatic, regal despite her bloodline's particular curse, and possessed of a deep wisdom. There is a predatory air about her, no matter her appearance, which likely contributes to her preference for solitude - often only interacting with the mortal world through intermediaries.


Born in 1605 on a large plantation near Santo Domingo on the island of Hispaniola, Caterina Maria Lucia Salazar y de Leon grew up living a sheltered life. Her mother died in childbirth, and her father, Hector Salazar, was doted on his only child. So protective was he that it seemed no suitor was good enough for his daughter, and fate indeed had something else in store for the young woman. A chance encounter with a Samedi by the name of August Beauregard saw the end of her life, and her entry into the world of the dead. Since then, she has been a fixture in Santo Domingo, remaining independent despite the city's status as a Camarilla domain.


  • 1605 - Born near Santo Domingo, on the island of Hispaniola
  • 1630 - Embraced by August Beauregad
  • 1804 - Caterina withdraws from activity among the Kindred of Santo Domingo as they turn on each other, keeping an eye on the situation from afar.
  • 1822 - As waves of violence crash against the Unaligned Kindred of Hispaniola, Caterina retreats into torpor
  • 1959 - Rising from her torpor, Caterina aids the Kindred of Santo Domingo in repelling a Sabbat invasion.
  • 1999 - An Elder Ravnos slips into a murderous frenzy, and Caterina aids the Kindred of Santo Domingo in defending themselves from the maddened Elder before he escapes. She remains to help defend the city from a renewed Sabbat incursion.
  • 2000 to Present - Caterina remains in her territory outside of Santo Domingo, aiding when requested but largely keeping to herself.

Those in Service


Fatima Ghoul.jpg

Known simply as Fatima, this mute but beautiful woman has served Caterina since she first appeared among the Kindred of Hispaniola in 1630. Little is known about her mortal life, but it is well known that she is unflinchingly loyal to her Mistress - woe to any that might try to harm the Samedi Elder. Of all of her servants, Fatima is the one who never seems to leave her side, ever silent, ever watchful, and it seems the only one who might ever truly know her thoughts is Caterina herself.

Known Skills: While Fatima performs many services for Caterina, her exact skills remain unknown to any but her Mistress.

Apparent Age: 25
Date of Birth: Unknown
Nationality: Spanish

Naomi Whitehall

Naomi Whitehall.jpg

Naomi is the most recent entrant into Caterina's employ, having been originally intended as a gift to the former Prince Cassius of Santo Domingo in 2014. Saved from a rough situation by Marco Sandoval and groomed to become a 'designer ghoul', with Prince Cassius' death on the eve that she was presented to him, Caterina swept in and offered to provide Naomi with a home and a purpose. Like Fatima, she has grown absolutely, unwaveringly loyal to her Mistress in the years since - to her consideration, Caterina saved her from a grisly death at Prince Cassius' hands, likely at the end of a meathook.

Known Skills: Naomi is Caterina's expert on the workings of modern technology, having an advanced knowledge of computers.

Apparent Age: 24
Date of Birth: August 2nd, 1993
Nationality: American

Hector Santiago

Hector Santiago.jpg

Born in Santo Domingo, Hector has served Caterina since the 1990s, when one of her previous ghouls - Hernan Salazar, her father in mortal life - died while protecting her during a Sabbat attack. Sharp-dressing, charismatic, and intelligent, Hector often can be seen at the wheel of the town car that ushers Caterina from her plantation outside the city to wherever she might need to go. He has a snarky sense of humor, and is far too smooth-talking for his own good, but this doesn't seem to bother Caterina at all. In fact, it seems to amuse her.

Known Skills: Hector is well known to be Caterina's driver.

Apparent Age: 35
Date of Birth: September 27th, 1964
Nationality: Dominican

Known Associates



Other Persons

Fallen Friends




  • "A most interesting conversationalist with some entertaining views." Catherine Foxley
  • "Despite the rather unique tie to death possessed by the Samedi, Caterina has shown that she embraces life more than most Kindred that I have known." - Ailis Cárthach
  • "Harming this one invites my attention." - Pascoal
  • "It was interesting to find her in my city for a Camarilla celebration. I've encountered Samedi from the bayous before, but I don't often get to appreciate the cultural differences of Samedi from the islands." Alistair Beckworth
  • "'little sister' is from the nicer side of the island, but I have never seen her bat an eye. Unlike myself, she can find a place anywhere, were I afraid of things, she would likely make that list. " Wultur Boeman




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