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Caterina da Canali Giovanni

Character Information

Name Caterina Giovanni

Clan Giovanni

Born 1890 in the Giovanni enclave Rostov-on-Don

Embraced in 1925 by Aureliano Giovanni at the request of her grandsire and Frederigo Giovanni because of her physical prowess. She left accounting quickly in 1930.

Generation 10th

Lineage da Canali

Notable Interests Fighting, training, argumentative, helping strengthen family ties. Unlike most Giovanni, intrigue is not a strong suit.

Noticeable traits Athletic, tall, sulky, still looks pretty human

Information Known to Kindred

Known to those with IA lore She was made a minister of the Baton Rouge domain in 2017.

General Timeline Was born in southern Russia in 1890. After participating in the Bolshevik upheavals as a party member, the Giovanni in the area noted her physical prowess. Following the aftermath of Lenin's fall, she became disillusioned, and was happy to accept the Giovanni's embrace. After being embraced in 1925, they whisked her away to Baton Rouge where she went into accounting.



  • "Indulgent and quick tempered, she has potential to be quite a manipulator one day but not anytime soon." - Matteo Rinaldo Giovanni
  • "All she really needs is someone to take a caring hand to help her figure out her place, and how to manage her temper. I have found that embroidery works wonders for learning to control your temper." - Vittoria Giovanni

Player: Frances Normand

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Coordinator: Kaci St.Romain

Coordinator Email:

Location: Baton Rouge,LA