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The House Al-Karami crest

Commonly Known Information

Name: Catherine Foxley Also known as Katrijn DeVos

Notable Traits: Archaic and only 5' tall.

Lineage: House Al-Karami

Clan: Ventrue

Status Traits:

  • Committed as an Anarch
  • Ventrue only: Praetor of Nassau
  • Ventrue only: Vaunted Dignitas.
An early engraving
pictured in the Victorian era


Early history

Catherine Foxley nee Tadley, born 1360, raised by a farming couple in Tadley, Hampshire, a few miles from Silchester.

Married at 17 to Willem DeVos, a Dutch born trader in the service of Sir John Montacute, 3rd earl of Salisbury.

Initially a stay at home wife, but then she showed some talent as a negotiator with a difficult visitor, and was encouraged to travel with her husband, much to the displeasure of his flagship's crew.

1383, Her husband dies at sea, and she manages to take over the ship for the remainder of the long voyage. Given her ability, Sir John allowed her to continue with a gentleman beside her as a distraction for the biased, and planning to marry her off swiftly.

1384, Mediterranean sea. Her financial abilities, along with her service to a noble flag bring her to the notice of Maryam Al-Karami. She is encouraged to remain in Marseilles and establish it as a trading outpost for her sponsor. She purchased a house and warehouse there.

Embrace - 1385, Marseilles, France by Maryam Al-Karami Her ship was sent back to England with news of her demise from a local illness

Embace to 1450, initial education and training with the clan and sire. A lot of this time was spent keeping the local Lasombra in check

1401: Met Gaius Cornelius Scipio (or simply Lord Asher) after trying unsuccessfully to buy out an Italian transport company that she didn't know belonged to him. Promises him a minor boon to be logged after her release.

1451 Public release, court of Barcelona, Spain, logs boon to Lord Asher.

1452 onwards, developing personal shipping empire, starting in Genoa, then getting in debt to a Giovanni elder to allow a commercial/mortal only presence in Venice

1462: Met Renatus McCain who helped her escape the Sack of Constantinople by the Turks.

1485 - Spent a year as vassal to Pau Lamarca Du Val

1486, Joins the Camarilla, in accordance with the Clan position.

1486 - 1586 : A century of co-operation with Pau Lamarca Du Val as trading partners.

1493 - Convention of Thorns (Non-attendee), arrived about a month late due to a delayed invitation letter.

1499 - Alexandria, Egypt. Embraced Mohammed El Sayeed (NPC)

1495-1600 - working with the Hanseatic trade league for the main personal profit and political ends.

1540 Returned her base of operations to Southampton, England.

1563, Sabbat blitz on Europe damages her trade interests in the Baltic area hard. She withdraws from trade to the area for a century.

17th/18th century

Founding interest in the Dutch East India company (1602-1799) and the competing British East India Company.

1605 Rose to the position of Praetor (manager) for the Southampton court after the old praetor was slain by a large pack of Sabbat who were transiting through the port in an accidental meeting while on a stopoff on their voyage to the new world.

1702: Repaid debt to Lord Asher. Obtained for him a manor house and estate for his use during his (200 year) stay in England at a significant cost in resources.

1740-1760: Many trips to Boston to meet with Cassius Anthony and make deals.

1763 Took on Lady Felicity Marie Abelard-Dawson as vassal for 2 years, setting her up in English high society in repayment for her service.

1797 She returns to Egypt to negotiate some arms trades to some locals who were enemies of the Setites. This caused an argument with the clan for a few years until a lineage member negotiated peace.

19th century

Selling arms to both sides in the American Civil war is a significant profit center, until the South runs out of hard currency to pay with. Then trading with the north only until the end of the war.

1820: Left on a trip to Malta to see her first grand-childe's release. Discovering he had been slain in a duel, she takes on Yea as her own.

1820 - 1830 : Present in Malta

1860 : Gwendolyn Breckinridge arrives in England to escape the American civil war. The pair meet at a court in London.

1860/61: Arranged a blockade of the port of Charleston, South Carolina, sinking two old ships and using two more to complete the blockade. This to aid the praxis seizure of the city by *name pending*

1862 : Arranged transport for Merryn Trenery from Amsterdam to Santo Domingo at the request of Merryn's sire, Lars Van Hoebeek.

20th century

1906 Met Gabriel Randolph in Southampton, the information he brought her was important, for which she repaid him with tuition.

1914-18 Difficulty in travel, and the risks at sea cost her some of her shipping interests as well as some European holdings.

1935 Moved HQ to The Dominican Republic for safety in the 1930s as Southampton was a significant target.

1935 Assisted in relocation by Lars and Merryn.

1939-45 - Following the example of the Inner Circle, she initially refuses to pick a side in the conflict. However the invasion of Holland and attacks on the UK prompt her to submit several ships voluntarily to keep England fed. Many of these were lost at some financial cost, but she felt the support of her homeland worth it.

Returned a significant interest to Europe post WW2, and began selling off around half of what remained of the commercial shipping fleet and moving into air transport.

1950 founded an air transport company.

1959: Hearing of Lasombra intrusions into the domain of DR, she campaigns for them to be dealt with swiftly. Backing the Tremere's call for justice firmly.

1998: Expended a notable sum and using part of her airfreight and marine cargo fleet to assist with reconstruction after the hurricane.

Nov 1999: She is injured by a sniper allied with the Sabbat invasion forces, and provides weapons to the Serpents of Light to aid in the fight. At this point her influences on the island take a notable hit, losing many allies and contacts to the Sabbat forces.

Dec 1999: Grants patronage(STC) to Merryn Trenery and provides her associated clinics financial support

21st century

2000: While she does not approve of the Gangrel's withdrawal from the Tower, she believes the Ban of San Nicholas de Bari is an over-reaction, and says so.

2011: Withdraws the majority of her funds stashed in Swiss banks, moving the money to other tax havens that don't ask questions.

2014: Met and gave patronage to Robert Williams (AKA Thomas Gunn) A young Malkavian in need.

2017: Instrumental in the removal of the previous Prince from his throne, allowing Prince Isfret to take over.

2018: In response to the execution of the Sanctuary's Raphael, she renounces her place within the Tower and Commits to the Movement.

Quotes from the Throne

  • "This court shall no longer act in the manner of the beasts of the Sabbat. We shall redeem this court to become the glory of the Tower it deserves to be."
  • "We are Kings, we are better than this, I am better than this... this abhorrent display. If this is the leadership the Camarilla wishes us to follow, I want no further part of it."

Quotes about Catherine

  • "Do not mistake our Elders silence for inaction." Luciana Santora DuVal
  • "I haven't seen her make any bad decisions, and she keeps the ship sailing smoothly. Luciana Santora DuVal
  • "Securing good ties with the Ventrue will be prosperous. I hope they are ready to get their hands dirty though." Osvif Skorrisson
  • Elder Foxley is a fine example of Noblesse Oblige. A Truly lovely creature, and one worthy of my attention. Gaius Cornelius Scipio
  • "So.. I technically have more status than her? This is weird. Really.. REALLY weird. Though kinda nice to see an Elder Ventrue leave the Tower" - Juniper Durham
  • "Not altogether too sure what to think of her, she speaks like one of the Movement, but stands like one of the Camarilla, most peculiar." - Phoenix
  • "Elder Foxley has decided to place herself inside the crucible. What will be forged from the fires of adversity will be a beauty to behold." - Zero
  • Put your quote here


  • Capable of getting anything anywhere. Won't say no questions asked, because she always asks one: How will you be paying?
  • Acts like a true Queen at court, in the bedroom however *snickers*
  • Actually likes a few Brujah
  • Once thought she was lost as sea, but soon realized she was staring into the blue eyes of her secret lover.
  • Gives out envelopes full of money about twice a year.
  • Rumor here.

Musical - thrones?

  • Handel's Coronation Anthem - Zadoc the Priest[1]
  • Rule Britannia - [2]
  • Sir Edward Elgar - Nimrod [3]
  • I couldn't possibly comment - [4]
  • Handel - Arrival of the Queen - [5]
  • Vivaldi - Gloria in excelsis Deo - [6]
  • Karl Jenkins - Palladio [7]
  • Mozart - Dies Irae from the Requiem [8]
  • Prokofiev - Montagues and Capulets [9]

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