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Movement in the Shadows (Commonly Known Information)

Name: Cattaveria 'Tavvie' Salvatore
Notable Traits: Italian accent speaking to her original heritage, Tavvie is known to drone on at length about the intricacies of language, human communication and the "magic" of such things. She is regal and a touch old fashioned, but seems to understand the Modern Nights with happy applomb.
Clan: Lasombra
Lineage: House Schola
Sect: Anarch Movement
Faction Scholars

The Black Flame (Biography)

Cattaveria "Tavvie" Salvatore has been in the Northwest Georgia area for some time, but did not appear in Rome until the Sabbat was chased out in 2013 when Billie Grinder came in and made Rome, GA Anarch territory. Clearly Italian, she is known for going on (at length) about languages, specifically the ones she knows and how they integrate into other languages, even the dead ones.
Pleasant and somewhat reserved, in the years she's been in Rome, no one has seen her lose her temper. Polite and august in her demeanor, she is known for being friendly with the Rome Advocate Billie Grinder, a Malkavian know only as Eli, and Rory Macrea of clan Ravnos.

Whispers in Shadow (Quotes About Tavvie)

  • “The time I spent with Tavvie in the 90s is such a fond memory. And all the letters in the time since. She has a keen sense of what is right, and her advice is sound. You can say what you want about Anarchs, but I’m telling you – there are plenty of them who are right where they ought to be, and the world is better for it.”Brenda Bittersea

Riddles in the Dark (Rumors)

  • Was present for the signing of The Treaty of Thorns.
  • Is an Elder, though rumors vary as to what kind
  • Has allies in all Sects.
  • Is old enough to have never been a part of any Sect but the Anarch Movement
  • Has taught non-Lasombra her clan's ability to control darkness...
  • Is a founder of the Gang Il Monitore with Dante, Richter and Salvatore

OOC Information

Player: Miranda Harrell
Player Email:
Storyteller: Sam Gerace
Storyteller Email:
Location: Rome/Cartersville, GA
Character Soundtrack
Running Up That Hill - Placebo
Throne - Bring Me The Horizon
Beautiful Thieves - AFI
Stop Me - Natalia Kills
While This Way - Árstíðir
Spooky Action At A Distance - SQÜRL
Dance of the Manatee - Fair to Midland

OOC Character Timeline

If you want to make background ties with Cattaveria, please feel free to email Miranda Harrell
1363 - Born to a noble family in the Republic of Florence as Catarina Maria Magdelena Rovere
1384 - The year she was to marry her betrothed, an older man she’d never met by the name of Sebastino Petrucci of Siena, she was abducted from her bedroom and embraced by a Lasombra named only Solano (Nightshade). Solano was to be moved up in the ranks of the structure in Italy at the time, and feared his old coven would revolt and come after him. So he embraced a childe who he blood bound and groomed to be his loyal replacement.
1392 - Blood Bonded to Solano, Catarina [now Cattaveria], kept in Solano’s personal Haven under lock and key for 8 years until preparations to travel to the Lasombra Court at the Castle of Shadows in Sicily. While Tavvie was torpored in a locked coffin in the castle - Solano so paranoid to have his unblemished childe and replacement tampered with, her broodmate Lirieth plotted with another Lasombra, Salvatore and an Elder Brjuah, Marco, to grant Solano his Final End. Cattaveria was awakened with the death of her sire. Freed from her stake and coffin by the Anarch Elder Lasombra, Salvatore, he took her under his wing and adopted her as his childer.
1401 - During the Revolution, Tavvie and Salvatore traveled much, liberating childer from their enslavement and recruiting for the Movement. At this time, they found themselves in what is known as Modern Day Romania, Transylvania. Meeting Nikolas Lazarovici, a Carpathian native to the area, he teaches them about Tzimice Hospitality when they explain their projected travel path and warns them not to go through the woods if they can avoid it. Having been warned not to go into the woods, Tavvie and Salvatore of course went into the woods, and met Viorel Rodica Dragomir, an Elder Tzimice obsessed with his work and removed from Kindred society at the time. Requesting Hospitality as per the Tzimice tradition (and as a precaution to preserve themselves, having stumbled into a Tzimice’s territory), they stayed the expected nights and left. Quickly.
1479 - Tavvie and Salvatore return to the heart of the Revolution with many new Anarch brothers and sisters.
1493 - The Convention of Thorns is signed, Salvatore takes Cattaveria away from Silchester, England when the Sabbat is formed and destroys the area. Salvatore was not in support of the Camarilla, but neither did he like the Vaulderie the Tzimice brought, nor the methods on which the Sabbat was forming - and found that both sent his ward into fits. So, they returned to Italy and stayed anonymous in Florence, the original coven long gone, and anyone who would have known Cattaveria long dead. For VtM Canon app; “In the city at the time and a part of the Anarch presence that did not walk out of the negotiations. She and her adopted sire would have seen the rebels that walked out to form the Sabbat, and perhaps they her.”
1502 - Having spent 10 years as an Anarch with her adoptive “sire” Salvatore, Cattaveria learned of the Sabbat and Camarilla as they grew around her and Salvatore every night. At this point to remain Anarchs and avoid destruction by zealots of either side, Salvatore released her as his childe. They travel Europe for 200+ years, staying nowhere for very long, skirting around Camarilla cities and avoiding Sabbat where possible.
1525 - Having traveled to Norway to learn Old Norse from a Runemaster after the end if the Swedish war of Independence, Tavvie and Salvatore run into Lirieth “an old associate” of Salvatore’s. They do not reveal that Lirieth is Tavvie’s broodmate, as Tavvie believes that her broodmates would kill her on sight, but instead Salvatore encourages her to befriend Lirieth, and the three together learn Old Norse at Tavvie’s request.
1600 - Salvatore and Tavvie are called back to Italy, where a Lasombra is being awakened from torpor by Anarchs. Another of the present scholars is a Brujah named Richter. Tavvie strives to help the previously torpored kindred understand that the Anarchs are not the Camarilla OR the Sabbat and what wisdom there can be in Humanitas and Libertas. She also impresses that there is a choice - he can walk away, join the Movement or not, and there will be no repercussions. After that discussion, Dante is committed and creates Il Monitore with Richter, Cattaveria and Salvatore.
1626 - [Cam Lore] Cattaveria and Salvatore lead the gang to seek out an Autarkis Ravnos lore master named Jean-Louis d’Orleans to chat, or share information. They all learn about what has become of the Camarilla since the Treaty of Thorns.
1701 - [Il Monitore] Coming across the mercenary Assamite Elder, Maciek Albescu (John Thomas US2010086459), Dante hires him to join Il Monitore
1733 - [Il Monitore] January. With the new year, Salvatore decides that he and Cattaveria will be leaving Il Monitore and Europe, to head to the New World. Dante and Richter try to stay in touch with their friends as they wish them farewell. Passing through Enlgand on the way Salvatore and Tavvie meet Dr. Peter Barrett [NPC] Salvatore and Cattaveria land in Savannah, Georgia with the Sephardi Jews from Spain and Portugal, wanting to see the British Colonies and find a new start.
1757 - During the Seven Years War, there is a conflict in the small town they were in and in the chaos, Cattaveria is separated from Salvatore. Their Haven compromised, she is forced to flee their little backwater to NWGA. She does not find Salvatore again and believes him to be dead.
1829 - Having hovered around the fringes of Anarch Society and kept to herself for many years, Tavvie is hit on while on a social outing (looking to feed). The “young man” turns out to be an Elder Ravnos by the name of Ruairidh “Rory” Macrae who becomes an acquaintance, and Tavvie settles in Cassville - that would later become Cartersville, Georgia.
1840 - Tavvie aids in the Anarch Railroad. Rory begins to withdraw, and eventually disappears. Tavvie looks for him and find that he cannot control his Chimeristry. Rory gives her a boon to stake him (without killing him) so that perhaps if the Week of Nightmares passes, he can rejoin society one day.
1881 - The Legend of El Silbon reaches Tavvie from Venezuala in some of her research, and she suspects that it is in fact, from all accounts a Lasombra either low in Humanity, or on a path. Through boons and contacts, she is able to have El Silbon tracked down, torpored and sent to her via the Anarch Railroad. Waking him to give him a chance to explain himself, and finding that his education is virtually non-existence, she begins the hunt for his sire, or grandsire through lineage knowledge. This took some time, though, time that Silbon and Tavvie did not have for his moality. Instead, he asked to go into torpor and remained that way until 1995.
1919 - June. An old friend comes calling, Dante (Erick Quinones) Cattaveria. They catch up on the situations in Cartersville, Georgia and all three discuss the culture, traditions and history of the Lasombra Clan, as well as to how to carry it forward.
1994 - Contacted by a Malkavian Knight of the Moon named Dr. Peter Barrett, whom she and Salvatore had crossed paths with nearly a century before in England, Tavvie agrees to accept prestation and accept a visit from Brenda Bittersea. During this visit, Brenda meets Rory, and Tavvie adopts a somewhat aunt-like affections for Brenda.
1995 - Silbon is awakened once more by Tavvie because she believed the movement needed him and he was sent to Val of Greenville for education and integration into Anarch Society.
1999 - Tavvie goes into hiding in the mountains of Northwest Georgia to avoid the chaos until The Aftermath, and the Sabbat are driven out of NWGA.
2001 - Working with the Anarch Underground Railroad, Tavvie helps a Lasombra named Michael McCain escape the Sabbat, using boons and sending resources to aid his escape and get him out. Once free, they meet and she spends time getting to know him at the safe house for a time, unaware of the power play happening between Michael and Mac Drest behind her back. After this, Michael and Tavvie stay in touch as friendly acquaintaces.
2002 - Richter comes to visit Tavvie.
2004 - Brenda writes that her sire is dead, and seeing that this is a difficult time for the Ancilla, begins responding to letters again, despite being in Autarchy.
20xx - Despite not being in kindred society at large, Brenda contacts her about safely moving a Ghoul who has been abused to Atlanta, and Tavvie puts her in contact with the people she knew who could facilitate this through the Underground Railroad.
2012 - Whilst the Gangrel are aiding in cleaning out the Sabbat, Rhett Harker and Aaron find an escaped Shovelhead Lasombra by the name of Declan. They bring him to Tavvie as she’s the only non-Sabbat Lasombra they know of in the area, and she adopts him as her childe. In the same year, Brenda has a bad experience, something to do with being constantly cold, and it’s a new development. While traveling from the Caribbean, Brenda comes to visit as the Free State of Rome is being reestablished. She Stays with Tavvie a few days. In November. Tavvie meets with her old friend Dante. They discuss her withdrawl from Kindred society and her disillusionment with the Movement. Dante reminds her of the words she told him back in 2003. She considers his words and for a weekend, the Watchdogs get to be regaled with stories by one of the original four Founders of Il Monitore, the precursor to the Watchdogs.
2013 - Tavvie rejoins kindred society fully when Rome becomes Anarch Free State and the Camarilla pulls out of the area.
2017 - Declan is released from Accounting. During the Abyssal rifts, Brenda is one of the contacts to whom Tavvie reached out to outside of her Antitribu clan for an outside perspective and possible research.
2018 - A woman claiming to be one of Tavvie's broodmates, Bozhena, appears knowing Tavvie's mortal name and having information about her past that either she is genuinely Tavvie's broodmate, or has done an upsetting amount of research. Tavvie is suspicious of Bozhena and her associates. Bozhena tells her that their grandsire Caustantín is alive and in Athens, GA. By December, Tavvie also discovers through a mysterious delivery and word from Bozhena that her adoptive sire Salvatore may yet be alive.
2019 - A letter arrives from Caustantín to Tavvie containing a necklace she'd not been in possession of since her mortal life.