Catus of Gaul

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Catus of Gaul

Name: Catus of Gaul
Apparent Age: Mid 30s
Occupation: Hunter/Curmudgeon
Date of Embrace: 84 CE

Sire: Roman Kentarch
Clan: Gangrel
Faction: Neo Feudalist
Pack: Custos Morum
Metallica - Of Wolf and Man
Bright is the moon, high in starlight
Chill in the air cold as steel tonight
We shift
Call of the wild
Fear in your eyes
It's later than you realized


Godsmack - I Stand Alone

Now I've told you this once before
You can't control me
If you try to take me down you're gonna break
I feel your every nothing that you're doing for me
I'm picking you out of me
You run away

Player: Bryan H. (Player Email)
Storyteller Email: Bryan Lee B. (VST Email)
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Get off my lawn.

"Oh, fuck the law! I want meat!"
- Peloquin; Nightbreed

Born into slavery in the newly conquered Gaul, Catus was put to use in hard labor - anything that needed lifting or carrying. It was a life of drudgery and pain. He hated the Roman invaders, seeing them as the root of the trouble he faced in his life. While he was opposed to those Romans in his land, there was little he could do about it due to his position as a slave.

In 84 CE, Catus was found and Embraced by Roman Kentarch. To this day, Catus is still uncertain as to why he was chosen - just that he was. He traveled with his Sire for quite some time, being released in 100CE. A free Cainite, it was the life he'd always wanted - to be in charge of his own destiny.

Catus kept around the Gallic Empire, leaving only after the Merovingians claimed the territory. His travels took him to Hispania, wanting warmer climates near the sea. He spent quite some time there, learning the Muslim culture and blending in with the people. As Christianity began re-establishing control over Hispania, Catus aided in the change of rulership.

In 1391 CE, he enjoined the Anarch Revolt, actively lashing out at the constraints that the Elders enforced to control Cainites. He aided many campaigns, seeking to change the way that Cainite society was run. When the Anarchs came to the table with the Camarilla, he was one of the original Cainites to join the Sabbat. His bestial nature was not suited for the pampered halls of the Camarilla, nor would he live under their rules.

When Mexico was being explored and conquered in 1521 CE, he migrated over to North America. He sought to explore and gain a foothold for the Sword of Caine in the new land. In 1920 CE he headed to Mexico City, bolstering the efforts there to gain full control of Mexico.

In more modern nights, he moved a bit further north - aiding the Sword of Caine in their two assaults on the Domain of Phoenix - eventually claiming Flagstaff and Prescott for the Sword.

54 CE - Born into Slavery in Roman controlled Gaul.

84 CE - Embraced by Roman Kentarch.

100 CE - Released from the Accounting by Roman Kentarch.

235 CE - The Crisis of the Third Century arose, Catus maintained his allegiance within the Gallic Empire.

486 CE - Merovingians, the first kings of France, claim the areas previously held by Gallic Empire.

490 CE - Catus moved West into the area of Hispania.

1009 CE - The Fitna of al-Andalus caused strife and civil war in the Caliphate of Córdoba. Catus at the time, was working with the Christian forces.

1200 CE - Rumors of the upstart Tremere creating Gargoyles has him taking more precautions to not be singled out by that Clan.

1391 CE - Enjoins the Anarch Revolt, lashing out at the system that the Elders had in place to control Cainites.

1493 CE - Enjoins the Sabbat, not content with the Anarch defeat or the Treaty of Thorns, he remains defiant and adopts the Sabbat ideals.

1521 CE - Migrated to Mexico, seeking to explore and set roots down for the Sabbat to have a presence in the new land.

1920 CE - Traveled to Mexico City, bolstering the Sabbat there as they obtain full control.

1955 CE - Aided in the Sabbat assault on Phoenix, the attack was deflected. His understanding of Lupines helped keep several Cainites safe on the retreat.

1999 CE - Known to have hunted Ravnos, with or without his Pack.

2002 CE - Aided in the Sabbat assault on Phoenix, the attack was deflected. This time the forces directed themselves to Flagstaff and Prescott. Both territories were eventually captured.

2003 - 2008 CE - Did his best to lay low, with the amount of Hunter activity and Elders being slain, discretion was the better part of valor.

Role-play Hooks

Ancient: Catus is a hoary old ancient who stems from before the Sects. Did you know him from then?

Gangrel: Catus is one of the savages. Are you?

Hunter: As a follower of Path of Feral Heart, he hunts often. There are rumors that he hunts other clans.

RP Fan: Catus's player likes low OOC drama and loves RP. If I'm online, I'm probably willing. Never be afraid to ask!

Isabella Maria Torres: Ductus, power-obsessed and politically inclined. Still trustworthy.
Samantha White: Abbot. St. Blaise. She sees things and understands, her insights are useful.
Calder Tekin: Packmate and now Priest. Loyalist and Koldunist. Very knowledgeable, digs into every secret.
Bradley Borden: New to the pack. Young, St. Blaise. Opening his eyes regarding our Sect.

"I have not heard that name since before the Great Revolt, truly one of the most terrifying beings that I ever had the occasion to converse with. He taught me a very valuable lesson, while the Gangrel may not be the best suited for the salons of court, the language they do speak is one in which they hold true mastery." - A Lasombra of the Camarilla
"I learned to be small, and unassuming, I learned that just because one's bite is worse than one's bark, that one can still be good. I learned much from my time with him, and I hope that he still walks the nights." - Ana
"Feral Heart? More like Savage Tongue. We stan~" - Johnny Bellamy
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