Cecil "BloodQuill"

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Cecil "BloodQuill" (Last Name Unknown)

Generation and Clan: 9th Generation, Tremere

Society: Acknowledged Camarilla; Elder

Margrave of Staten Island; Under prince Jack Ryder

Primogen of Clan Tremere Within New York City

Sire: (WIP)

Education: PHD in Education (1960 CCSU)

M.A. in English (1956 CCSU)



  • Born in Connecticut on Oct 31st, 1890.
  • Publishes Works of Fiction containing Details that are notably accurate to true occult magic (1910).
  • Embraced on July 28th, 1914. Several hours after the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
  • Goes overseas to Vienna for seven years. Avoiding the War entirely (1914).
  • Returns to America and settles in New York (1921); Disappears into the shadows until the end of the Korean war (1953).
  • Attends Central Connecticut State university and acquires a Master's Degree in English (1956)
  • Continues Education, Earning a Doctorate in Education (1960)
  • Returns to New York, Reintegrating into Kindred society there, then disappearing into the shadows.
  • Leaves New York Temporarily and spends 7 Years in the Transylvanian Alps (1973)
  • Returns to New York and reintegrates once again, and once more Entering into the Shadows. (1980)
  • Emerges from the Shadows and takes an active role in kindred society within New York City. (2018)


  • "And here I'd always thought that Tremere grow out of the 'fire is the answer to all of life's problems' phase at some point. Then I got on a boat with Elder BloodQuill." - Dottie Youngblood
  • "There's something to be said about a Kindred who dresses in a way that, no matter how big the crowd around him is, you can never lose sight of him. I liked him immediately." - Bartleby Crane

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  • It is rumored he is part of a lineage that focuses on hunting salubri and the infernal to extinction.

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OOC Information

Player: Wolfgang Fuller US2017110069

Player Email: Hinuraku@gmail.com

Storyteller: Buck Crutchfield

Storyteller Email: vst.masquerade@nyccamarilla.org

Location: New York, NY