Cecily Montgomery

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Commonly Known Information

Cecily 1.jpg
Cecily Montgomery
Notable Traits: Sings like an angel, red headed.
Society: None that she has mentioned Camarilla
Position: None
Clan: Toreador


  • Family: Scott descended from Aysel Scott
  • Sire: Caitlin Montgomery
  • Childer: None
  • Broodmates: None

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  • Cecily had one song make Billboard’s top 100 before she died.
  • Cecily misses owning cats and would like to learn animalism so she can have a pet cat again.
  • Cecily loves singing karaoke at random clubs.


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Player: Rhi Broussard
Masquerade VST: Nancy Duenas
Masquerade VST Email: sanantonio.masquerade@gmail.com