Cecily Theodora

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Look closely, child with curious eyes

Name: Cecily Theodora
Supernatural: Mage, Thyrsus
Charter Company: VX Resorts
Notable Traits:

For magic lives within the wild


  • "Cecily is a sweet kid and wants to help so much. She may be the most dangerous person I know." - Lux
  • "A brilliant mind and a compassionate heart. Unfortunately, she's a Mage. But I don't hold that against her." - Hawthorne
  • "Your quote." - Your Name
  • Insert quotes here!


And in the sound of the waves
My power's turned on \ starting right now I'll be strong \ I'll play my fight song \ and I don't really care if nobody else believes \ 'cause I've still got a lot of fight left in me
Where you're from \ You might be the one who's running things \ Well you can ring anybody's bell and get what you want \ See it's easy to ignore trouble \ When you're living in a bubble

Player: Aesa (Kerry Waite)
MES Number: US2015100119
Location: Austin, TX
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Cecily Theodora

Supernatural Type: Mage
Union: Placeholder
System: Utopia
Player: Kerry W.
VST: Austin Space VST