Cedric Oslo

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Cedric Oslo but normally goes by just Oslo or Croc

Notable Traits: prefers to be in Crocodile form but when he is not he still caries himself like a predator.

Type: Changleling

Character Type Subgroup: Beast


Born and raised in Southern Louisiana, where he and his family hunted and sold alligators and crocodiles.

When he was taken he was reshaped into a giant crocodile and put in a pit. There he was fed his captors enemies.


  • Oslo is nothing but a monster, there is no human left
  • He ate the last Mayor of New Orleans

OOC Information

Player: Andrew T. H.

Player Email: ath4mes@gamil.com

Storyteller: Richard

Storyteller Email: codex@nolastcall.org

Location: Bayou's just south of New Orleans