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Name: Cedrick Fannon
Rank: Adren
Deed Name: Drink with Spirits
Age: 52
Current Location: San Antonio, Texas
Sept: Sept of the Rising Moon
Pack and Position: Briar Pack


Homid Form: Cedrick Fannon takes more after the Irish side of his heritage. Average height and average build toned from years of Black smithing and farm work, his body built for power and speed above all. A shaved head and expressive hazel eyes, Cedrick is a good looking man with a quick smile and a quicker wit, though in battle all of that melts away - replaced with a devlish smile and smart mouth.

Crinos Form: Though rarely seen, Cedrick's Crinos form is a sight to behold. With the redish fur of the Fianna, his war form stands out amid her sisters in grey or black, her eyes the same insightful hazel as in his homid form.

Lupus Form: In Lupus, Cedrick resembles many a strong-blooded fianna. While not an imposing size, her wolf form is lean and strong, covered in that same reddish fur. What does stand out are the dark marks in her fur at his fore arm, fianna glyph in black, present in all of her forms with fur - manifestations of the same markings tattooed on his fore arm in Homid.




Apoc PC

Player: Jeff Wilson
Auspice: Theurge
Faction: Sanctum of Gaia
Domain: San antonio, TX

IC Email: Cedrick Fannon

Character Information


52 yrs old Theurge, Fianna, oldest Fostern around. He is very light hearted and loves to drink in fact he is always drinking but never drunk or he is always drunk and you have never seen him sober. He is Brew master for the midnight well spirit distillery on the farm. His brothers is Amos and his sister is Josephine Fannon, Amos Fannon he get along with great but Josephine depends on the day and she still holds a grudge for him leaving home for all those years and he is definitely not the favorite anymore. He is a master crafter of the following items- brewer, gunsmiths, glass smith, bladesmith, and leatherworker and he sells talens and fetishes as part of the family business and he has gotten in trouble with several philodox’s as well. He love to gamble and has gotten in trouble dozens of times for it. He has no problem with anyone and is easy going. When he fights he use customs double barreled pistol or a Sawed Off shotgun and almost no one has seen him in a fist fight.


  • 1964 - Born to Edythe and Walter Fannon at the Fannon Farm outside of San Antonio Texas. Born 3rd child of 3 children, the eldest is Josephine and the middle brother was Amos and he was the youngest Cedrick
  • 1979 – First change and this made High school very hard. School was not hard but his family was very hard on him since he was the baby of the family he could get away with anything
  • 1982 – Cedrick When through his rite of passage and is now a full fledge member of the Fianna and a member of the Sept
  • 1983 – Cedric Fannon leaves the farm for Silver Tara with the pack “Stag’s Pride” without the blessing of Mama Edyth
  • 1986 – Challenge for Fostern the challenge was to identify all the spirit around the Silver Tara and introduce myself
  • 1987 - Cedrick married to Sioban Mac Fionn. Kin daughter to Bron Mac Fionn Tribal Councilor for the Fianna & Ard Righ from his first wife.
  • 1988 - Cedrick Fannon was sent out on patrol with 3 Claiths, a Gallard Sally Mcdonald, and a Philodox tell no lie, and a Ragabash Connor O shey and they were ambushed by a group of Fomori. Cedrick was the only survivor and he got a scar on his face and after that he took a very big interest in firearms. Cedrick suffered from Survivor's guilt and never want to lead again
  • 1985 to 1994 – Finnegan was an old Adren know to the nation as Drinks too much and the Master Brewer of the Silver Tara. During these years Cedrick learned how to brew and to build and how to be a great Theurge
  • 1988 – Keeva was born in July
  • 1992 – Connor was born in June
  • 2000 March 4th– Returned to fannon farm from the Silver Tara only with his children Keeva and Connor and no wife.
  • 2001 - Due to pact made with Spirit of grain the Fannon Farm change to producing Corn and wheat crop produces 300% more crop than ever before
  • 2002 December - Midnight Well distillery and magical elixirs was legally opened selling beer and the first batch of Bourbon and hang over cure talens, before the end of the year found 2 pubs that stocked Midnight well Bourbon
  • 2003 - Midnight Well distillery was hired to provide all the refreshments for exclusive bachelor party. Cedrick as bartender and to insure all went well and the night turned into a bloodbath as 3 strippers turn out to be a fomori and attack the several people at the party and shooting beings from several people, but Cedrick kill the 3 strippers but 3 people at the party were killed and another 9 were injured.
  • 2004 - Cedrick was in the Penumbra when the Storm eater crashed through and he was thrown to a far off Flex Realm and he went missing for 2 weeks before he found his way home
  • 2006 - Midnight Well Distillery has stop selling talens and consolidate stock for sept and family use for the dark time ahead
  • 2008 - as our Caen fell help to defend it and later rescued who we could and bring them to the fannon farm for their safety
  • 2011 - Starts to sell his talens again
  • 2011 - help to raise a new shard caern

Known Associates



Other Persons

Fallen Friends



  • Drinking responsibility means don't spill your drink
  • If I ever see you shoot back by Whisky like you are drink that Tennessee shit, I will kill
  • Breakfast is the most important drink of the day
  • The best cure for a Whisky hang over is more whisky
  • Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.



  • Cedrick will gun down any one who beats him at cards
  • Cedrick whisky is so good because he get the water from the Flux realm
  • Cedrick bribes the local spirits and the Warder to be allowed to drink on the bawn.


  • "There are some nights I just don't know what we'd do without Cedrick. Of course, there are days I wonder at how far we've come, as much as we'd had to drink." - Gordon Fannon
  • "Oh, my poor little brother, cursed with a free spirit and gifted with the means to chase after all those dreams." - Josie
  • "Dude seems chill." - Jo Trevino
  • "My baby brother runs a distillery. Normally a distillery has to give up the Angel's Share in their brewing. Here, we have Amos' Share. He's loyal, hard working, and always keeps his older brother in whatever spirits I need." - Amos Fannon
  • "He keeps tradition alive within the family, sept, and Nation. I can ask nothing more of a brother than that." - Douglas Fannon
  • "Whatever spirit he got runnin' through his veins keeps him from crackin', an' gives him inspiration. He don't make booze... he distills poetry." - Judge Taco
  • "I made a friend while in San Antonio. The Fannon's much of them were not as talkative. But Cedrick was one of the few whom was different. We exchanged words and I asked him for a commission. I hope to soon see what he can bring to the table." - "Soothes_The_Heart"
  • "Uncle Cedrick has always been very kind to me. We may not understand each other's specific views on life, but we are kindred spirits in our search for what is right for us." - Maeve of the Painted Heart
  • "A business partner who has taken something and run with it. I knew this man was good, but as good as he is and how far he's grown still amazes me. I'm glad to know him for as long as I have, and if I get a few more years, I'll be even happier." - Samuel "Old Ironsides" Johnson
  • "I do not understand the homids fascination with numbing their minds. That being said, Drinks-with-Spirits doesn't just partake, but uses his skills to ease the tension of the Garou around him. And the money he acquires from selling his alcohol provides for the Sept. So, if nothing else, I can drink to that." - Ghost in the Woods
  • "The man offered me a drink on meeting . His hospitality will my be forgotten , though I hope he can forgive me ruining his whiskey with my milkshake." - Sylvi Anker
  • "CATS??!!" - Josie
  • "A little high-strung when I first met him, but seems like a nice enough guy. I look forward to working with him." - Thomas Glenanne
  • "I wonder what he was drinking. He had two different bottles and smelled a bit of alcohol, a lot a bit of it." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "If you need something done, in near any sort, he's a good man to help. I have a decent measure of trust for the man, and he has earned it. Damn good theurge too." - Dam Karma
  • "He's had a hard life, but I think he sometimes sells himself short. He takes responsibility for a lot of things behind the scenes in the sept, so that gives everyone a foundation to build from."- Arturo Mendoza
  • "Every time I see him, mother fucker's drinking. I think the reason people don't notice or care with him though, is that he's always smiling. Never trust a happy drunk."- Artemis
  • "So....Yeah....It's a thing......Grandfa...well, maybe one day I'll be able to say the word...." - Jo "Thundercat" Trevino
  • "Wait, your gonna what? Well....it might be nice if you came back....NO! I do not do feels! I DO NOT DO FEELS!" - Jo "Thundercat" Trevino
  • "Ah, a true craftsman! He not only understands how to make his product well, but how to honor Gaia and are Spirit Allies in the making, just like my Annika. He isn't as pretty as my Annika, but then again, who is?" - Anton ‘Guards-The-Door’ Rourke
  • "I loved his story about the farm and I am glad to have talked with him some more. I am vastly interested in his works, I may have to order something from him, soon, I think." -- Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "Sometimes I miss being a kid. When he left to fight, I was never worried Cedrick wouldn't come back.." -- Gordon Fannon
  • "He may not be my blood, but he is my bror. I love him dearly." - Sylvi Anker
  • "Quite the charming rogue. Of all the Fannon men I met tonight I have to say he made the best impression." - Rose Marie Davis

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