Celestina the Taino

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I have been seen...

  • Rose in the Garden of Avalon
  • Previously wandered around the United States for a century, keeping up with the Modern Dance Movements
  • Prior spent centuries in the estate of Papa Flores in Cadiz, Spain
  • Mestizo

Yet it was just a glance...

  • Weaver of rags
  • Performed only for mortals once, a small audience while partnered with Merce Cunnigham in the choreographer's hey-day.
  • Her savage ways were not trained out


  • "You may know Paris...but you don't know Paree. - Penance Valentine
  • "A delightful being of fae temperament and constant energy; a continuously evolving body of art." - Andrea Merkasi
  • "I believe the world must speak to Celestina in a fevered tumult of the most beautiful things - how fortunate that we too may catch a glimpse of them, through her deliciously enigmatic interpretations." - Annette Voclain
  • "I have a great admiration for Celestina. Where many kindred, myself included, spend most of their nights simply trying to pass the time until circumstances ripen to their liking, Celestina takes great pains to make every moment of her eternity mean something. It's a great feat of stamina,in every sense of the word, physical, mental, and spiritual." - Carl



Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Toreador

OOC Information

Player: Glenda K.
Contact: Glenda's Email
Location: Chicago, IL
Storyteller: Mark H.
Contact: VST Email