Cesare DiAngello

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Information Known by the Greater Kindred Society

Name: Cesare DiAngeelo

Clan: Toreador

Sect: Camarilla

Lineage: House Kensington

Home Domain: Columbus, Oh

Cesare DiAngello


Cesare was enamored with Photography since he saw his first Daguerreotype in 1839. Growing up a poor boy in Milan, rumors abound as to what he had to do to get the money to afford his first Camera. His talent with a Camera, as well as his willingness to do what was necessary for the sake of art, attracted the attention of his sire, who watched him from afar for years as Cesare stepped into the burgeoning medium of Fashion Photography. After the embrace, he reemerged in Paris, Milan, and the burgeoning industry in New York. Working for decades under a myriad of pseudonyms. This all culminated in 2012 when he planned to release his own fashion line Ragna . Then, suddenly, he vanished. He did not even attend the premier of his own line.

In the Modern Nights Cesare focused mostly on his Vampire Politics, acting as a mouthpiece and emissary for his Great-Grandsire, Lord Kensington. He is a solemn figure. While his fellow roses enchant the halls of Elysium, he haunts them.


  • Cesare is a burnout, and something happened to him recently that made him give up on his art, possibly forever
  • Cesare has hidden childer, and is secretly building a blood cult of mad artists
  • The man who wears the name is not even the real Cesare, and is a body-double seeking to take his place for an unknown reason.


  • "My Cousin? Oh please don't bother him. The man is a genius and capable of so much more then you will ever know." - Nathaniel West

OOC Information

Player: Quentin Acord

Player Email: Keeperofthethreads@gmail.com

Storyteller: Quentin Acord

Storyteller Email: Vst.columbus.ca@gmail.com

Location: Columbus OH