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She is a gargoyle with stone grey skin, and fully functional wings. When she is performing, she wears Aztec-inspired makeup, a black leather fringed bikini, black leather boots, and a scale mail collar. Her nails are painted blue. When she is not performing, she wears a long trenchcoat with the collar turned up, a broad-brimmed hat, and jeans.

See [Pinterest Board ] for visual inspiration. Board is named Gargoyle Guitarist.

She tends to stand a little too still when she is not actively performing.

Her expression when she is performing – playing guitar, or dancing – is ecstatic.

Sometimes, when she performs, she is surrounded by a halo of red butterflies.


Society: Sabbat

Faction: Ultra Conservative

Clan: Gargoyle

Generation: Neonate

Pack: Rock and a Hard Place (RHP)

Role: Abbot

Apparent age: She looks like she is carved from ageless stone

Place of birth: Pacific Northwest

Date of birth: 1970

Date of embrace: 1994


The information in the timeline below is likely only known to those who have spoken to her about her background, or to someone else familiar with her, but is not considered secret.


1970: Birth. She is born on August 18, 1970 to a Catholic family in Centralia, Washington. Her parents named her Chantale.

1994: Year of Embrace. She is working as a professional sculptor, and in Mexico City, studying Mesoamerican forms. Forty-three Sabbat are killed in Mexico City; the Sabbat respond by mass embracing. A gargoyle there embraces what he hopes will be fellow soldiers, or at least canon fodder. He abandons her shortly thereafter, upset by perceived flaws in her creation.

1994: She somehow survives long enough to run into Atrox [1]. He is able to tell her a great deal more about what she has become, and the history of her clan. A much needed mentor.

1994: She finds her way to a pack who are on the Path of Caine. She is having visions – Gehenna visions. It is of interest to them. She feels a new sense of purpose. [NOTE: Ties possible here, from 94-99.]

1999: Her visions have only increased. This is it. The end times. Everything has clarity. All the way to the Red Star. But then … nothing is as expected. Like many, she is confused. Lost. Her pack dissolves, drifting apart.

End of 1999: She considers becoming unaligned.

Early 2000: She seeks out Atrox [2] for new perspective, and he helps her get back on course.

2000: Temoch the Jackal rises as the Sixth Regent and announces a Crusade and mass embrace, resulting in the capture of various cities. Many of the Sabbat (especially younger ones – like her), following the example of their new Regent, merge Aztec practices with the ritual traditions of Catholicism. Chantale is enraptured. She re-commits. Opens herself to faith again.

2000: Chantale joins a pack focused on Aztec practices and history, including at least one Tlacique, and joins the Path of Cathari. [NOTE: Ties possible here!]

2001: Hunters begin to ravage vampires across North and South America. Cities are being entirely purged. There is something awakening inside of her. A divine purpose. She changes her name to Chantico, and begins to perform at rites, particularly fire dances. It is said she thinks she is a goddess reincarnated, or something. This leads to disagreement with her current pack. She leaves the pack.

2001: Something happens. There are gaps in her memory. One night, she finds an extraordinary amount of money in her bank account. Clearly, this is simply some kind of offering. Tribute. Her due. She doesn't question it. But her lifestyle is much more lavish from this point forward. She has more money than she could ever spend. Not that she doesn't try. Someone might know more about this! Maybe Billy Bob! [3]

2002: She is traveling, and meets Banshee who sings like nothing she’s ever heard. She joins his pack and band.

2002-present: As the band travels, she makes additional contacts… [NOTE: Ties possible here!]

2004: She and Banshee travel through Georgia, performing. She meets Victor near Andersonville, and is intrigued to get to know him better. She also meets Jacob Tyler [4] for the first time in Athens, and they bond over shared interests.

2009: The Sabbat gather for the Synod of Hounds, confirming the 13 modern Auctoritas Ritae and the Steps of Monomancy. She is pleased to see the Fire Dance confirmed.

2010: She and Banshee travel to Buffalo, New York, to perform. She meets Jacob Tyler [5] again, there.

Early 2018: She is traveling with Banshee. She meets Tanoch, a fellow gargoyle, while they are on the road. He reminds her of Atrox [6], and she reaches back out to Atrox to re-establish contact.

Mid 2018: When they visit Martinique, she meets Countess Yrsa [7], and gets her help better managing her money. She also meets Lord Zidane [8] in Martinique.

Late 2018: She and her band have made a base of operations out of Dallas, TX, though they continue to travel frequently. Her pack now includes Squirrel and Sapphire also.

Early 2019: She travels with Banshee and Sapphire to perform at a High Holidays rite in Florida. She visits with Archbishop Melwracken.



  • She’s a gargoyle who thinks she is a goddess. Crazy much?
  • Can drugs actually impact a body made of animate stone? She seems determined to find out.
  • She doesn’t seem to recall anything about her sire. But she must have one.
  • She has a lot of money. Like a stupid lot. She must have one hell of a patron.
  • [Insert more rumors here. Feel free to add one to my page.]

Quotes About Her: (Add your PC's quotes here.)

  • "Chantico? Fuck yeah. She's, to be cliche as fuck, solid like a rock. Another kickass soldier serving Caine, and a player of killer fucking tunes." - Jacob Tyler
  • "Unique, and not in the bad way. She is a special one, with a lot of hidden potential and curiosity. There is much more to her than meets the eye, yet what does meet the eye is equally wonderful." - Lord Drachenhertz
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Inspiring Quotes

  • “Rock music is for the hurt, the broken, and anyone else who can handle it.” – Anonymous
  • “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer; a bird sings because it has a song.” – Maya Angelou

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