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The Grizzly of Macon


Notable Traits

  • Red Haired woman of early 30s
  • Abnormal Green eyes with a ring of gold ( Feline like, Gangrel Animalist Feature)


  • unknown


Information Known by Kindred Society

Charlee is known to be a very young vampire. Her personality has been described as a mix of bubbly and downright vicious. She is overly protective of anyone she claims but never seems to meet a stranger. She has a bright personality that is easy to approach and seems to seek out company. She works well with others and is always willing to listen to ideas that are not her own. However, she has also shown herself to be a fierce leader, abnormal for one her age. She was born in the mountains of Kentucky, raised and lived in extream poverty. She was turned by Greg Willaims in north Georiga while working on a farm.




  • Aug. 2016: Charlee is sired in Kentucky by Greg Willaims. He and his pack are gone before Charlee raises the next night.
  • Jan. 2018: Charlee is adopted by Kiessa Vanatorii and offered a place to live in Macon, Ga.
  • Feb. 2018: Charlee joins the Camarilla.
  • Feb. 2018: Goodtime Charlee moves to Macon, Ga
  • Feb. 2018: Charlee is named Primogen of Clan Gangrel of Macon, Ga
  • May 2018: Charlee is named Sherriff of Macon, Ga
  • Sept. 2018: Charlee is reunited with her broodmate Kory Williams.
  • Sept. 2018: Charlee Ursa claims Praxis of Macon, Ga ...while wearing a unicorn onesie.
  • Oct. 2018: Charlee adopts Sammie as her own after Sammie's sire was destroyed by hunters in Texas.

Rumors and Quotes

  • She earned her name in the spirit realm.
  • Charlee claimed Praxis in a unicorn onesies.
  • "She is a Caitiff!" -Tavish DuVal, Former Prince of Macon; after she took his Praxis.
  • Charlee went missing in February 2019.
  • Tavish DuVal is responsible for her disappearance...maybe even her final death.
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Allies, Enemies, & Associates

Kiessa Vanatorii Kory Williams Sammie Ursa Character Associate Character Associate Character Associate
Kitty Pendleton Catroina MacKenzie Du Val Shepherd Character Associate Character Associate Character Associate
Dr. Lyssistrah Drake Character Associate Character Associate Character Associate Character Associate Character Associate

OOC Information

Player: Christina Holcombe

Player Email:

Storyteller: Gene Linton

Storyteller Email:

Location: Macon, GA

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