Charlene Brennan

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Db hero.jpg No taller than 5’5 and weighing in at 115 soaking wet, Charlene is a tiny little scrapper. If you see her before you hear her, then you have got some good damn eyesight. Her most notable feature (other than her hella loud voice) is her bright green eyes, that is if you can see them under all that red hair.

For an Appalachian member of the Fianna tribe she hides her cunning under a mask of "Southern Hospitality." Always one for talking Garou down, she's been known to face off an upset cub in Crinos form, scolding at him till he shifted back. She's on the move for her third husband (or wife, she ain't picky). But no more poets. They just break a girl's heart.

Gray Ghosts
Tonya Maria

Gray ghosts
Approached the hillside
Left only
Skeletal remains
Stripped all life
Layered within them
The hemlock trees
Cried out in vain

Brown lights
Illumined the horror
From Table Rock
We witnessed all
Gray ghosts
Flew in the forest
And attacked
With savage crawl

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  • Charlene has been known to visit the Ard Righ on more then one occasion. She's got her sights set on HIGH.h
  • Shark People freak her the fuck out, man. She watched Jaws waaaaaay to young.
  • She is deathly afraid of water and drowning.
  • Charlene's has a glyph shaped scar somewhere on her body that is a symbol of favor, bestowed by Stag himself.
  • It is rather interesting that Charlene's has never been in jail or severely hurt with her shenanigans, things just seem to work in her favor.
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  • There should always be a Brennan, they are to the Fianna what spice is too food. A little goes a long way.- Simona
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Name Charlene Brennan
Tribe Fianna Kinfolk

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