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Commonly Known to Kindred Society


Name: Charlene Locke

Alias: Charity Doxtader

Clan: Malkavian

Society: The Camarilla

Status: Acknowledged by the Camarilla, Confirmed as Ancilla, Harpy of Detroit, MI

Notable Traits: Charlene is rarely ever seen in a bad mood. Lighthearted and jovial, she is just as likely to make a friend of a Lasombra as she is a Malkavian. She is a bit irreverent, but quick to smooth over a social faux pas with prestation if she oversteps. It would be unwise to speak ill of members of her house or lineage in her presence. She seems very fond of them, and has been known to go to great lengths to visit and assist her family. Charlene appears not to care much for clothing or fashion, finding a ball cap and plaid shirts to be much more her style.

Lineage: House Locke
Childe of Quinntessence Locke
Childe of Contessa Locke
Childe of Aaron Locke

Human Timeline

September 3, 1777- Born as Charity Doxtader to a James Doxtader British loyal merchant near Saratoga, NY, and his wife Abigail.

December 1794 – Charity arrives in New Orleans. She picks up jobs as a servant in the French Quarter.

Vampiric Timeline

1805 – Charity is embraced by Quinntessence Locke after years of a cat and mouse game.

1820-1830 – Charity moves around the Southeast, striking out on her own for the first time. She establishes herself during that time as a bargainer with means to get what a kindred might need. Most of her work is done for and among members of the Locke family.

February 1830 – Charity embraces Helena Owens, after months of stalking and observation. She is immensely pleased with her childe, and takes her back to New Orleans to meet the family.

1830-1850 Charity remains in New Orleans with family, taking Helena to court gatherings and keeping a close eye on both her sire and her childe.

1850 – Helena embraces Charity’s grandchilde Micah on her way back to Savannah. Charity follows to meet him briefly before continuing on her way.

1850-1861 – Charity bounces back and forth between Helena in Savannah, GA and House Locke, in New Orleans.

1861-1966 - At the start of the American Civil War, Charity falls off the map. Her whereabouts are unknown to all but a very few for more than a hundred years.

1966 – Charity, now calling herself Charlene, returns to Detroit after nearly 200 years away. She returns with the intent of helping the Camarilla infiltrate the city and return them to power.

1967 - July 23rd, A public disturbance breaks out at the intersection of 12th Street and W. Grand Boulevard after 82 people are arrested at a local party for returning G.I.s. This eventually exploded into what became known as the 1967 Detroit Riot. It left 43 dead, 467 injured, over 7,200 arrests, and more than 2,000 buildings destroyed. With hundreds of millions in damages, the National Guard and U.S. Army troops were sent in to end the violence. It would affect the city for decades to come. Charlene assists the Camarilla where she can during this time with influence and contacts, as well as by maintaining a healthy boon economy in the city.

1973 - The bright lights of the inner city of Detroit are more taxing than usual and Charlene looks for residence out of the inner city proper. She manages to buy and maintain her haven in an industrial center of the city at this time, stealthily negotiating for land between some of the Unaligned and Seneschal Rothschild. The land for the Renaissance Center was acquired during this deal.

1987 - The Camarilla continues to solidify their power in the city. At a gathering to celebrate the opening of the Fox Theater, Harpy Layla Serae gives a mangy, half dead cat to Charlene as a joke. Charlene takes doting care of this cat. Once well, the cat is a majestic, fluffy if a little wonky creature. Charlene names it Cheddar Bizguits, and it remains with her to this day.

1991 - Charlene’s talents become quite useful to the emerging darling Arianna, though they never speak and know little about one another.

1999 - Downtown Casinos open, which further contribute to city revitalization. Charlene spends time creating influence in the casino employees, and occasionally visits just to keep caught up on mortal happenings and connection to the kine.

2001 - Charlene supports Arianna Wingate's bid for praxis of Detroit, citing Arianna's extensive history of successful defense against Sabbat in the city.

2002-2008 - Camarilla influence leads to the arrest of Kwame Kilpatrick on a multitude of felony charges. As a puppet of the Unaligned, Kilpatrick’s arrest led to a collapse of their influence and power in the city, paving the way for the Camarilla. Charlene makes the phone call to Seneschal Rothschild that reveals the Unaligned influences on Kilpatrick and his corruption. She gets this information from a contact in the city she refuses to name or describe.

2008 - Charlene is appointed Harpy of Detroit, MI.

Rumors Heard by Kindred Society

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  • Charlene may have a history of violence with mortals, and she may have killed more than one of them.
  • Charlene has stated before that to her vitae tastes of strawberry preserves.
  • Helena idolizes her Sire to an unhealthy degree.
  • It is quite possible that Charlene is loyal to the Camarilla more out of convenience than duty or love. She does, after all, have Unaligned and Anarch relatives.
  • She seems so naive and friendly. Almost like she is too foolish to have such an influential presence in the city. She must not be any kind of threat really.
  • The Foundation has taken a keen interest in Charlene.

Commonly Known Acquaintances amongst Kindred Society

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