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On the road to Thebes, I was the cost
The wife's son won and half a woman lost
What am I?

- Opening, riddle contest between Charles and Ezra of the Vanguard

An Answer

Oedipus and the Sphinx.jpg

Given or taken, false or true,
I am all yours, through and through
but others use me more than you.
What am I?

A Name


Name: Charles Blaine

Alias: Sphinx or The Sphinx (to Clan and Friends)

Concept: Historian and appraiser of art and antiquities

Clan: Malkavian

Sect: Camarilla

Position: Malkavian Primogen - Austin, Texas


  • Acknowledged as a member of the Camarilla
  • Confirmed by his station as an Ancilla
  • Noble by his position as Malkavian Primogen of Austin
  • Found Courageous by Prince Olaf Magnusson for his scholarly assistance against threats to the city
  • Found Loyal by Olivia Collins for his service to the clan
  • Found Honorable by Prince Olaf Magnusson for falling in battle protecting his clanmate


  • Granted Residency by Prince Olaf Magnusson in Austin, Texas for service to the Camarilla

Teacher if you know me,
Doom if you do not,
Always behind you,
Though often I'm forgot
What am I?

The Past

Charles Blaine, Sphinx to friends and fellow Malkavians, is a historian and appraiser, authenticating and researching art and antiquities for high-end discrete customers both mortal and Kindred. Embraced sometime in the 19th century, he has traveled world, performing his services for those in need of it. Well-dressed, courteous and polite, but with an occasional intensity that shows his blood's curse. You might know him for his command of languages, art history and occasional bits of lore gleaned from his travels and the artifacts he has stumbled across.

Blaine never engaged in the hunt for artifacts and secrets himself in the deserts or far off places of the world, but would happily meet someone in Paris or London to tell them exactly what they found. That Mona Lisa, real or fake - and when was it faked? That clay frog is actually Mayan not Aztec, the museum had it mislabeled. Those are the things that Blaine can help you with.

Stand around him for long, and you'll discover his other passion - riddles. Not silly ones, not jokes - NEVER jokes - but riddles suitable for the most ancient game and contest of humanity. He seems an endless font of them, both classics and ones of his own creation. He will happily play contests of them for stakes, and he has very exacting and insistent standards on what is a true riddle.

"A true riddle hides everything in plain sight, and the answer fits it like a key does the tumblers of a lock. The answer is perfect and self-evident the moment it is spoken, and it is within the bounds of reason and truth."

His passion for enigmas and puzzles certainly goes much deeper than that. How deep is for anyone to guess.

Born in a moment but I live forever
I can help you or hurt you in equal measure
Walk straight and you will have me
One wrong turn and you will lose me
What am I?


  • "Han minner meg om Heidrek med sin kjærlighet til gåter. Vi skal se om han er så klok." - Olaf
  • "This one bears further scrutiny. Yes." - Gabriel
  • "Mr. Blaine's service to the city, so outpaces recent efforts of other kindred seeking residence in Austin, that I suspect in short order, that he will transition from whip to Primogen. No one will be more pleased than I." - Olivia Collins
  • "Like riddle me like this, does he like ever shut up?" - Karma
  • "Well spoken and intelligent, but most importantly, hilarious." - Liam Kincaid
  • "Some congratulations are in order. I only hope that his new duties will still allow him to be so invested in his field." - Gabriel
  • "It's a true shame I didn't get to speak to him more, as it seems that he and I have very much in common." - Noah Bauer
  • "Mr. Blaine is rather clever and he sees much more than he gives himself credit for. Visions are not the only vision one can have, after all." - Patience Benette
  • "The conversation is lively and the riddles have a certain eerie prescience to them. True insight, or mere coincidence? Time will tell." - Xavier Langston
  • "Mr. Blaine is very kind. He's really smart, too; he may not have the same abilities as my sister and I, but he does have gifts of his own." - Constance Benette
  • "I can't fix what my sire did. But I can make sure it doesn't happen again." - Trevor Mulholland
  • "Your Quote." - Your Name
  • He secretly became a patron to multiple institutionalized killers, and decorates his Haven with the art of serial murderers.
  • What have you heard?
OOC Information

Player: Matthew Webb

Player Email: MatthewKyleWebb at gmail dot com

Storyteller: Daniel Briscoe

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Location: Austin, Texas