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Charles "Charlie" Blake
The Conservator Union
Space Station Janitor & Information Broker


InterKleen Janitorial Services
Are you Homeless? unskilled? looking for legal work. Do the larger MegaCorps turn there nose up at you? Is the Job board confusing? Why not sign up with InterKleen Janitorial Services, Wayfinder Station's Only Professional Cleaning Service. Keeping a Space Station Clean is a round the clock job. We offer a good package, Shared living space, Nutrition, and Hygienic products all provided by IJS, In addition to other special perks. The Conservator Union needs hard working Professionals like yourself. Do you have what it takes?


  • "Charles is more devoted to his duty than many of the soldiers I served with in the Navy. They could learn a thing or three from him." - Evander Katharos
  • "I never expected the Janitor to be the leader of an operation. Nor did I expect him to be so well prepared. He is now *Space MacGyver* "-Alek
  • "There's something about Charles that is highly attractive."

Quarters Aboard Wayfinder Station


CK-01 "Cricket" Utility & Maintenance Vessel


For those times when messes happen outside the station. Charlie is able to get inside the CK-01 UMV, which he has nicknamed Cricket. And take care of the mess.

  • High Beam Lights
  • Pressure Washing Control Unit.
  • Decal Printing Scanner.
  • Toxic Residue Cleanup.
  • Pending Approval!

Uniform & Equipment


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